Civil servants – participants in the SVO can return to government service :: News

Today the State Duma will consider a bill to extend the moratorium on the formation of pension savings and amend the law on public service in terms of suspension and resumption. Amendments were prepared for second reading relating to the protection of the rights of officials participating in a special military operation. We are talking about the mobilized, who left to serve under the contract, as well as members of voluntary associations, said State Duma deputy Svetlana Bessarab.

Public service will resume on the day the civil servant returns to work. He is obliged to inform the employer of his cancellation within three working days at the latest. The period of participation in the SVO is included in the period of service.

“The right to resume civil service remains with the mobilized; persons who have entered into a contract of military service or a contract of voluntary assistance in the performance of the duties of the Military Military District for the entire period of service and within three months after termination thereof. At the same time, contracts terminated with civil servants will be extended from September 21, 2022. During the entire period of mobilization for these persons, the rights and obligations, restrictions related to the civil service will be suspended, but the social guarantees will be preserved: medical and social services, sanatorium treatment for relatives, ”noted State Duma deputy Svetlana Bessarab.

By Peter Kavinsky

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