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Listen to the full interview with reporter Hobza in Context:

The security measures in London were truly unprecedented. I’ve been in London for years and what I saw today was never here. I also went to the wedding of Donald Trump, the Commonwealth Congress and the wedding of Harry and Meghan in London, firstly to Mr Hobza, a reporter for the website, who went to England with his colleagues from to report the events of the sad trial.

For ordinary people to travel thousands of miles to form a multi-mile front for a dead queen? It is part of the British national identity. She reigned for a very long time and was also the second world wolf in the army. “It’s a real honor that she embodied what the British are proud of,” explains Hobza.

Udlost has issued a disclaimer. The Londoners were very upset and the tourists quite confused as it is a big city and yet quite ugly. Suddenly you find out that half the streets and the bridge to where you need to go are closed, the reporter describes.

life in Britain, and especially in London, stood still for a day, at a considerable cost. There are estimates, there is talk of two and a half billion pounds, but I don’t think much of it. It’s a bit expensive to eat then it’s a bit expensive because of the economy but I don’t think it’s a problem for the British. It’s a shame about the huge tourism and especially the soft power of the monarchy that sent it, Hobza thinks.

Follower of Charles III. it will be very difficult. Not nearly as popular as his late mother. We know it from ancient times. After Charles IV. that Vclav IV had to drink, to Hobz. He’s not that popular or sympathetic, and he’s determined not to rule that long, but the monarchy won’t fall under his rule, he assures.

According to him, he will be a bit boring, a boring ruler without controversy, and that’s right. Even the queen tried to be like that. respect something and respect nothing at the same time.

Why is Prince William, the plaque boy, so much more popular than King Charles III? How strong is the republican section of British society that would like to see under the monarchy? Contrary to custom, why did both take place in London and not Windsor? Listen to the Context podcast to learn more!


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