Countrymen from the village, a curious mistress and an accidental guard: a series of accidents helped to rob the Gradsky house

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Peter Kavinsky

The widow of the famous musician Alexander Gradsky, 41-year-old Marina Kotashenko

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January 16 the widow of a famous musician Alexander Gradsky 41 years old Marina Kotashenko I was supposed to visit a friend today. She warned that she was leaving, took her favorite cakes and … disappeared.

Along the way she became a victim car state: Her Lexus was rammed from behind by a white Mercedes, and when Kotashenko got out of the car to assess the damage, unknown men attacked her, beat her several times, threatened to retaliate, and ordered them to be taken to her house and destroy everything. give the money. So, the loot from the criminals was a huge amount – about 100 million in rubles, dollars and euros, which Kotashenko literally kept in bed. The money was folded into a briefcase, a cloth bag, and a Vileberry purse.

The crime was cunningly planned and quickly executed, so far only one of the four participants in the attack has been arrested. How did it happen? Why didn’t the elite village guard suspect something was wrong? Was there a “friend” of the robbers in the Gradsky’s house? And finally, where’s the money? The Naro-Fominsk court is now looking for answers to these questions, where they prove the guilt of the only person caught involved in this case, a 28-year-old Umedion Zhabborov.


Three men and a frightened woman drove in and out of the territory of an elite cottage village in Novoglagolevo without any problems. Cameras at every step, a barrier and a security post – all this did not stop the criminals from embezzling the millions of others and getting away with impunity:

“In general, I was on duty that day, I had to go to another place, but then one of us got sick,” the guard told the investigators, who missed the raid on the Gradsky house.

Employees of the private security company have a list of residents (18 houses in total) at the entrance of the village with telephone numbers and number plates of cars. Strangers are only allowed in on a phone call from one of the locals. Here’s a “brand new” and acted strictly according to the instructions – he checked the number.

– In the afternoon a woman left in a dark Lexus, who returned after a while. The windshield was foggy, the rear ones were tinted, there were no signs she needed help, I opened the barrier for her, she drove to her site. There is a high gate, I can see what is happening inside, – the guard explained his mistake. – Then she left again, I didn’t look closely, but I didn’t seem to see anyone inside. In the evening she called, introduced herself as the owner of the first section and said to let the police through. Only from them did I hear about the robbery.

The investigation checked the version that one of the guards was in cahoots with the criminals and found no evidence of this, so the private security firm is a witness in the case.

The money stolen from Marina Kotashenko has not yet been found. It is only known that Zhabborov returned 150,000 debts to his friend and left the car in the garages at the Georgian car repairman.

A picture: Alexandra BUDAEVA


Next one candidates the shooter’s “post” was the staff who worked in the house. After all, the criminals knew about the money and the security measures in the village. Where?

In December, several migrants from the CIS countries were fired at once – a driver, a repairman, a marble worker and a house manager. Only the housekeeper Nigora and the handyman Mustafo remained. Probably, after the death of her husband and during the procedure for dividing the inheritance, Marina Kotashenko simply did not need so many staff.

Of course, the researchers checked them all. But only Mustafo Chilaev, who worked for the Gradskys for about six years, turned out to be useful. He then identified his compatriots, with whom he once lived in the same village in Tajikistan.

Recall that, according to investigators, Ibragim Khalilov devised the plan of the raid, and Amidjon Gafurov, Karomatullo Salikhov and Umedjon Zhabborov helped to carry it out – they all knew each other for a long time. As it turned out, also with Novoglagolevo and the inhabitants of the village.

For example, Amidjon Gafurov worked in a construction team that built a house for a neighbor of the Gradsky family. The “owner” loved Amidjon so much that he left him as a worker. And he paid it back well by using the owner’s car during the planning and execution of the robbery of Marina Kotashenko.

“Karomatullo Salikhov is my friend’s younger brother. He, like the others, worked several times on construction sites in Novoglagolevo,” Mustafo Chilayev explained to the researchers. – And as for money – everyone around knew that Gradsky was rich. But we haven’t discussed it among ourselves. I may have once said that they install alarms on the windows in the house. But nothing more. I did not participate in it.

Chilayev’s words were carefully checked, but he really didn’t get any benefit from this whole story.


But, according to investigators, at least five million rubles were received by the defendant Umedjon Zhabborov, who acted as a driver: first he rammed into Marina Kotashenko’s Lexus, and then took his accomplices from a predetermined point on the highway.

And apparently he hid his part… with his mistress.

– He came to me a few times a week, he did not give me money, he was rude, he answered all the questions “It is none of your business.” On January 16, in the evening, we were sitting in a cafe, in the morning he took me to work, and in the afternoon he brought a package – a large, colored, tied package. I took him home in the evening. I did not look inside: during the day there was no time and in the evening I was already too tired, the girl assured the detectives.

Was it the same package from Wilberries, filled with money? Now it is difficult to say: on January 18, Zhabborrov took all his things from his mistress’s apartment, deleted his number from her phone and was gone. The girl did not mourn much after his departure.

The money stolen from Marina Kotashenko has not yet been found. It is only known that Zhabborov returned 150,000 debts to his friend and left the car with the Georgian car repairman in the garages. A few days later, a striking white Mercedes disappeared without a trace. As the main “heroes” of this story. Umedjon Zhabborov takes the rap for everyone, he risks from 8 to 15 years in prison with a fine of up to one million rubles. Compared to the stolen wealth, however, this amount seems only a drop in the ocean.

Peter Kavinsky

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