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“Cristiano drowned Juve and Manchester United with his selfishness.” Real Madrid fans furious over Ronaldo choice

Looks like Cristiano has found himself a new team.
One of the most exciting transfer series of summer 2022 continues. In the title role – the owner of five “Golden Balls” in two versions, 37-year-old, but still in demand on the market Cristiano Ronaldo . A potentially bombastic move to Barcelona fell through, but Real Madrid fans rejoiced early. Now Krish is going to another fierce enemy of the Blancos – in Atlético.

According to the Daily Mail, the parties have already reached an agreement in principle on the transfer. It remains to comply with the formalities and sign the papers. It is not difficult to guess how the “creamy” contingent of the Spanish capital took this news. He is furious. From the favorite of the Santiago Bernabeu, Ronaldo is in danger of instantly turning into an anti-hero. However, his potential hate seems to be of little concern. Cristiano missed the Champions League, and Atlético is ready to offer it to the Portuguese.

There is currently only one serious barrier to transfer. In order to give Cristiano a salary corresponding to his status and expectations, Atletico need to get rid of one of the highly paid players. Download payroll. The first candidate for the exit of the media is one of the favorites of the Metropolitano, Antoine Griezmann. In 2019, Atlético sold the French striker to Barcelona for €120 million (!), and rented him for a season two years later. Griezmann played a little, scored a little, but Diego Simeone was ready to give the world champion another chance. Barça did not object to the extension of the lease. After the appearance of the option with Ronaldo, Atlético’s plans could and certainly changed dramatically.

Cristiano’s second entry into the youth club, like Griezmann, did not work out, so parting in both cases will pass without tears and lamentations. Manchester United seem to have resigned themselves to the inevitability of losing Ronaldo and are unlikely to raise the price tag on him. In any case, you can’t sell an old football player with a contract expiring in a year, and Old Trafford is well aware of this. Even €30m from Transfermarkt seems overly optimistic for Manchester United in the proceeds of a potential deal. Obviously, the real selling price of Cristiano will differ significantly from the virtual one drawn by the portal analysts.

But the owners of Manchester do not smile at losing such an asset for a pittance. According to the Mirror, the player was offered a compromise: he activates the option to extend his contract for a year, until the summer of 2024, and goes on loan for the season. For the Champions League. The club expects that Manchester United will be there in a year, which means that Krish will have an additional incentive to return to England.

Ibrahimovic’s actions are admirable. Zlatan’s adequacy is so lacking for Cristiano Ronaldo
And here is what they say / write about the hypothetical return of Ronaldo to Madrid in Spain. We chose the most upvoted comments on Marca. Please note that the newspaper is considered a “pro-real” publication.

“Cristiano is a climber who uses commands to increase his stats. Resolved case.”

“When they say that time puts everyone in their place, you have such an example. In life you must know where you are and never forget where you came from. This player doesn’t seem to remember that the club that helped him become who he is today needs his help to get back into the Champions League. I think Mr. Money has no principles.”

“There is nothing to find out. Cristiano was an impressive goalscorer and earned an exorbitant salary. Today he is a good scorer, but there are others better than him, and they don’t get what he gets. It is also important whether the transfer will benefit the team or not, because at the moment you cannot create a team that will play only for him.

“The only thing he wants is to continue to increase his goalscoring record in the Champions League.”

“Nobody wants him. Case is closed”.

“I’m not surprised that no one wants to sign it except the Arabs.”

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