Cristiano Ronaldo’s answer from Galatasaray Club President Dursun Özbek!

Dursun Özbek, President of Galatasaray Club, Manchester United The world-famous Portuguese star football player who parted ways with Cristiano RonaldoHe said that he was not included in the transfer plans.

Dursun Özbek, who attended an event held on the university campus for the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Galatasaray University, made special statements.

Reminding that the contract of the world-famous Portuguese football player Cristiano Ronaldo with Manchester United was terminated and Galatasaray supporters called for this player to come to the yellow-red club on social media, Özbek said, “At the moment, I am talking to our related friends. Ronaldo is not in our plans.” used the phrases.

Galatasaray fans sent messages on social media to transfer the Portuguese star to the management after Ronaldo broke up with Manchester United.

37-year-old football player, social media accounts “Come to GalatasarayThe screenshot, in which it was claimed that one of the yellow-red fans, who filled it with messages, liked the post, was on the agenda again on social media.

“Hopefully, we will reach the expected result in May”

President Ozbek, Galatasaray Spor Toto Super LeagueHe also evaluated his performance in .

The yellow-red team Medipol BasaksehirÖzbek stated that he made the community happy when he beat .

“Of course, when the community is happy, we are also very happy. We are aware of the fact that the duty of the administrations is to make the community happy, to make our fans happy. Especially the performance of the football team in the last few weeks has been very good and made the community very happy. Therefore, we are very happy.”

2022 FIFA World Cup Therefore, Özbek stated that they will work to increase the performance of the team even more during the break given to the league, “I hope we will reach the expected result in May, in May.” he said.

“7-0 surprising result”

Regarding Galatasaray’s score against Medipol Başakşehir, “Is this score a surprise for you?” Upon the question, Özbek expressed the following:

“7-0 is of course a surprise result. However, when he saw 3-0 towards the end of the first half, his future was a little clear. Therefore, it was an important result. The result made the community very happy and most of all, the football played there was also very good. It was a good game. Football, very nice moves. The team showed what the real performance of the team is there. I thank all of them, I thank the technical team. They filled the community with joy before they intervened. Thanks to them, let them exist.”

“I like France”

Asked who his favorite country was at the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Uzbek said, “My favorite team was Argentina, but Argentina suffered an accident (Argentina’s 2-1 defeat to Saudi Arabia). It’s hard to determine a favorite for him. I watched France, “France played very well. I did not have the opportunity to watch all the matches. I will watch it gradually, but I like France. I think they will probably take it this year as well.” gave the answer.

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By Peter Kavinsky

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