Croatia refuses to train Ukrainian army

Croatian President Zoran Milanovic has rejected a request from Croatian Defense Minister Mario Banozic to provide training to the military personnel of the Ukrainian armed forces in the country.

According to a Ukrinform correspondent, Xinhua.

It is noted that Banozich expressed his proposal in an official letter to the president of the country.

“The president’s office said that, in accordance with the constitution, the defense secretary has no authority to make such a request. This can only be done by the president, government or parliament,” the article said.

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The refusal at the presidential office was also invoked by other formal reasons, including the fact that Banozich reportedly did not specify what exactly the Ukrainian army would do in Croatia, and only in general terms the tasks of the European Union assistance mission in Ukraine would describe.

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As you know, the EU assistance mission to Ukraine was launched in October this year. Within this framework, the training of the Ukrainian army should take place on EU territory, but the president of Croatia said he would not allow it in his country.

By Peter Kavinsky

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