Cuban singer-songwriter Pablo Milanes dies

Havana, (EFE) — Cuban singer-songwriter Pablo Milanes died on Monday evening at the age of 77 after more than a week of hospitalization in Madrid, official media reported.

Milanes, one of the most famous voices in Cuban music, was the founder and architect of the Nueva Trova sound, along with other renowned artists such as Silvio Rodriguez and Noel Nicola.

File photo of Cuban singer-songwriter Pablo Milanes. EFE/Martha Perez

Author of classics such as “Yolanda”, Milanes has released over 40 albums during his career and has received, among other things, the Cuban National Music Award and the Latin Grammy for musical excellence.

The Cuban singer-songwriter was hospitalized on November 12 in Madrid due to “the effects of a series of recurring infections that have affected his state of health over the past three months,” according to a statement from his art department at the time.

Since then, he has suspended several performances he had planned in Pamplona (Spain), Mexico City and Santo Domingo.

File photo of Cuban singer-songwriter Pablo Milanes. EFE/Sashenka Gutierrez

“This clinical situation,” the note adds, “is secondary to a hematological malignancy that he suffered for several years and which required him to settle in Madrid” at the end of 2017 for treatment.

The statement explains that “for the time being, it is necessary to cancel the concerts scheduled for the coming weeks and suspend all their artistic activities while this circumstance persists.”

Pablo Milanes also had to cancel a concert in September. One of his last live performances took place last June in Havana.

By Peter Kavinsky

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