Czech court upholds verdict against supporter of DPR militants

Ukrinform reports this Radio Prague with reference to the press secretary of the regional court in Pilsen, Jan Rubashov.

Initially, the court sentenced Nowacek to 20 years in prison, but the Court of Appeal reduced the prison sentence to six years, finding it unproven that a resident of the Karlovy Vary region had directly participated in the hostilities. For example, Lukas Nowacek was found guilty of membership of an organized criminal group, but not of terrorism.

Novachek admitted that he left for eastern Ukraine in June 2015, but did not take part in military operations.

According to the convict, he came to Donetsk for a girl he met on the Internet. He was offered to join the so-called “Donetsk army”. Nowacek claims that he held the civilian position of cook to earn money, and that when taking pictures with weapons, he “just showed off” and downloaded pictures of the battles from the Internet. By posting photos on social networks, he said, he pretended to be a soldier, “so as not to look like a fool who went to eastern Ukraine to peel potatoes”.

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As Ukrinform reported, a Prague court acquitted Russian national Alexander Franchetti of charges of forcibly detaining at least 11 pro-Ukrainian citizens during the 2014 occupation of Crimea, but he was not acquitted of charges of setting up an organized criminal group with the aim of committing a terrorist attack.

By Peter Kavinsky

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