Defense troops – in a state of full readiness to respond to all calls from the territory of Belarus

The military leadership of Ukraine has information about the situation in Belarus and currently does not see the offensive capabilities of the enemy from the north. At the same time, the armed forces are in a state of full readiness to respond to all calls from the territory of Belarus.

According to Ukrinform, Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine Anna Malyar said this in the broadcast of the national telethon “United News”, commenting on the situation in the north.

“Ukraine monitors everything that happens, all information is known – who moves where, in what quantity. There is indeed movement, but it happens there all the time. While there is a large-scale invasion, there is a constant movement of equipment and personnel on the territory of Belarus all the time. Russia is known to use the territory Belarus for their military purposes. Is there a threat? This is a war and Russia, like us, is foreseeing all possible scenarios and they are developing all possible scenarios for themselves. The fact that maybe this could be a fallback option, and it shows. But from the point of view of what the military is reporting, it is impossible to say directly that enough forces have been assembled for an invasion to take place now. Instead, it is impossible to completely deny this possibility,” said Malyar.

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She added that this is why Ukraine’s armed forces are ready to respond immediately to calls from the north. In particular, various exercises of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are constantly being held in order to respond to challenges from the territory of Belarus.

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As Ukrinform reported, Andrei Demchenko, a representative of the state border guard, said that as of November 21, the situation on the border with Belarus remains under control, with no significant changes. At the same time, powerful means of radar warfare are being used on the territory of Belarus to make it difficult for Ukraine to guard the border.

By Peter Kavinsky

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