Destruction in all districts of the city: in Sochi, after heavy rains, declared a state of emergency

July 24, Minsk / Corr. BELTA/. The authorities of Sochi declared a state of emergency throughout the city after bad weather on the night of July 24. Mayor Aleksey Kopaygorodsky wrote about this in his Telegram channel, TASS reports.

“A state of emergency has been declared throughout the city. This gives us another tool to deploy forces, a mechanism for the rapid formation of payments to the victims. The elements over the past three days have left destruction in all districts of the city. The situation is very serious. The Central District has suffered the most. In the modern history of Sochi There has never been an incident of this magnitude in this part of the resort,” the statement reads.
Several dozen people were rescued from the streams of water on the streets of Sochi during the rampant elements. “Unfortunately, there is a dead woman. But there could have been much more victims. Several dozen people were rescued from the streams of water that went through the streets and demolished everything in their path. Among them are ten children,” Alexey Kopaygorodsky wrote.

The head of the city stressed that saving people is a huge well-coordinated work of rescuers, as well as the courage of people’s heroes. “Residents helped in the rescue. We will definitely celebrate them all,” the leader assured.

According to preliminary data, on the evening of July 23, the woman was near the intersection of Donskaya and Pasechnaya streets. Heavy rainfall caused one of the parked cars to be swept away by a stream of water and began to move uncontrollably. The citizen got stuck between the car and the road barrier. On the fact of her death, the investigating authorities of the Russian Investigative Committee for the Krasnodar Territory are conducting a pre-investigation check.-0-