Dhaakad’ Trailer Reveals Kangana Ranaut’s Indian

Actress Kangana Ranaut seems to be looking for the rights to the upcoming killer thriller Thirst movie which has got its first trailer. Divya Dutta, Saswata Chatterjee and Sharif Hashmi have been cast in supporting roles in Thirst.

Ranawath (and his closet full of wicks) plays Agni, who in the trailer is introduced with scenes such as posing beautifully by the window, sipping a drink and dressing noticeably. She is being manipulated by a man nicknamed the Ringmaster. What emerges in the next two and a half minutes can safely be described as the “desi” nuclear plant that meets John Wyck.

Director Rasneesh Kai copying the neon-light scenes and handwritten reflection frames of those films is another matter. The doc was filmed by Tetsuo Nakoda, most famous for his La V N Rose, Splice and Micmax.

We also get a good view of what appears to be a show-stopping action scene in which Agni (meaning “fire”) cuts and cuts his way through countless assistants with a katana. She also seems to like guns, because faceless villains who somehow avoid being cut to death find themselves with multiple bullet wounds instead. Agni not only knocks down accidental thugs; Her boss is building towards war with a human trafficker named Rudraveer played by Arjun Rampal. Rudraveer directs his operation from the “coal mining belt” in central India, although most of the film’s activities seem to take place in European locations.

We see Agni carrying out the task of gathering intelligence against Rudraveer’s ring because even though she has so far resorted to violence unnecessarily, her agency has not been able to shoot Rudraveer. So, he breaks into brothels and takes on many disguises while posing as some kind of journalist. We also get brief snippets of flashback scenes about the past shared by Agni and Rudraveer. As he says “it is my job to separate the soul from the body”, the trailer ends with a tease of the conflict between the two.

Ranawath is one of the most controversial figures in Hindi cinema. He is a fierce critic of many of his contemporaries, often speaks of reactionary professional norms and despises himself as a kind of symbol for “outsiders” in the film industry. Hailing from a mountain town in India, thousands of miles from Mumbai, he was based in the Hindi film industry. Although he has played major roles in a variety of genres in the past – his last film was a political biography lead and before that he starred in the sports drama Banga – his first role over the title in an action thriller.

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