Dima Bilan forgot how to distinguish reality from the matrix in the show “Fiction”

innovative Channel One Show “Fiction” came to an end. Already on the evening of November 25, the winner of the project will be determined, in which digitized people will compete for the main prize of 3 million rubles.

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From the whole gang avatars only seven reached the final stage: Sirena, Katyusha, Stalker, Kot, Miranda, Buton and Roza Markovna Klyak. Each of them prepared the best song. Each of them has never queued for departure.

– I catch myself thinking that when you plunge into the sphere of “Fiction”, it is already difficult to distinguish the physical world from this 3D world, – said Dima Bilan. — This is a very cheerful project, if nothing else. There are well-known artists and lesser-known ones, and it is very difficult to tell them apart. After the Voice project, there are so many voices in my head that it’s becoming more and more difficult to determine where is an accomplished star and where is a rising star. Many talented vocalists have appeared who have not yet become stars – those who are on everyone’s lips. That’s the beauty of this show.

The finalist, as before, will be Vadim Galygin. BEE jury — Dmitry Malikov, Daria Moroz, Alexandra Rebenok and Dima Bilan. The fifth judge is the virtual mascot Telek, who also awards points to the contestants. Judges cannot have favourites, they are all objective. But that’s why they can choose the strongest participants in the final, observing the dialectic of the characters over the entire distance.

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– The jury is tricky, because all 12 contestants are very talented, – admittedly Alexandra child. – Immediately from the second broadcast it was necessary to step over this barrier – to choose which of the characters is weaker. My favorites are Sirena, Stalker and Roza Markovna Klyak. And probably Bud. It’s hard being such a smart and naive character. The world is quite cynical, and it’s great to stay in it in the zone of lightness, naivety and great humor.

A picture: First channel

Colleague Child at performances at the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov Daria Moroz precisely highlights the acting talent within each avatar.

“I think the role of each artist in the hero is filigree acting,” the actress explained. – They must not only perform, hide behind a virtual character, but also get used to the image, change its plasticity, voice, manner of speech. When you put on a mask, you yourself are transformed, you begin to manifest yourself differently. This is interesting to observe in myself, and I see this in the boys. Cool and very difficult. The participants of this project are cool, just fire.

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By Peter Kavinsky

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