Diyarbakir mothers’ “resilient stance” was discussed at the Child Watch Workshop

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Child Watch Workshop in Istanbul

Within the scope of the workshop at the Istanbul Branch of the Writers’ Union of Turkey, a panel titled “Family Seizure: Sociological Profile and Common Protest Identities” was held.

Speaking at the panel, Fatmanur Altun, Chairman of the Turkish Youth and Education Service Foundation (TÜRGEV), stated that the media is a gigantic mechanism and works with a huge capital, and that the codes of the society are tried to be changed through the media, this is an inorganic intervention and people’s minds are interfered with.

Pointing out that many people wrote about the mothers of Diyarbakır, social media campaigns were tried to be made, but there was also a blackout campaign, Altun said:

“Isn’t that newsworthy? Kurdish-speaking mothers completely exclude a structure that claims to represent Kurds and raise a flag against them. This is something that actually has a story. CNN should come and broadcast live here for 9 hours, but they don’t. He goes and broadcasts live for 9 hours. This is an issue that they have abused for 40 years, brought to their academies, talked, discussed, held conferences, but they do not talk about it. An American journalist tweeted when Diyarbakır mothers first came to the agenda. It fell on my social media. I saw it, I was shocked. He says, he gives the video link. I wanted to send it to someone immediately, I logged in again, the video was deleted. You can see that intervention right here. ‘You can’t post this tweet here.’ says.”

Emphasizing that the children taken to the mountain are also newsworthy, Altun said, “For example, all of the children who were supposedly persuaded and brainwashed and removed to the mountain through propaganda somehow are poor children. This is also newsworthy. People are shouting loudly, ‘Your kid is Porsche. He rides a ‘. He travels on holidays in Europe, he studies there, he receives education, why is my child on the mountain?’ The media screams, no one hears it. The media is completely playing three monkeys. Likewise, for example, children who are programmed to die and kill completely under the so-called education in the camps and turned into killing machines, condemned to an inhuman life… These children live in caves. Harassment. “They’re being abused, raped, and abused. All the research shows that they’re children as young as 8 or 9 years old. Is that not newsworthy too? Are you not going to look at this one, or not see this one too?” used the phrases.

Fatmanur Altun said, “‘Women are weak, oppressed and abused in the East. Women have no rights or rights.’ There is a very common narrative that Diyarbakır mothers destroyed this narrative with their own personalities, identities and voices.” He said, however, that this was ignored, that the news value was ignored.

Pointing out that there is a media blackout, Altun said, “After we realize the media blackout, we can only go one click forward. Whatever we do, the most beautiful, wonderful and fantastic action will not be seen by the media here. What will we do then? We will advertise specifically to the media. “We’re going to do something. So as a society, we will forcefully show the invisible thing there. Secondly, we have to activate the informal channels. How did they shut down the internet on July 15, communicated through mosques from the mosques. The speaker established our informal communication network there. Now we have social media and this We cannot trust conventional media.” made its assessment.


Daily Sabah columnist Tülay Demir Oktay also stated that the mothers of Diyarbakır spoiled the PKK’s game, and that no one expected this.

Explaining that he first interviewed the mothers of Diyarbakır to write the book “Annemin Sesi”, and then came together with the young people who escaped from the terrorist organization, Oktay said:

“When I spoke to young people, my first question was, ‘Why, how did you go?’ The answer from the youth was 99.9 percent, ‘I was taken by the HDP Youth Branch.’ ‘Why did you go, are you pursuing a case?’ When I asked him, “We don’t have a case or anything. I was bored at home. I went to a saz course there. We attended meetings there. We started doing social responsibility projects.” In fact, one young person told me, ‘I started working for air pollution.’ He said. There is air pollution due to a tank factory. Then, over time, after they gain your trust, they start to work differently. ‘You can come to more important places, you can achieve greater things.’ They took them by using the weaknesses of young people like you.”

Stating that a young man who was taken to the mountain by the terrorist organization PKK, sent a video after seeing his mother participate in the action of the mothers in Diyarbakır, Oktay said, “He says, ‘Mom, I am very ashamed of you because you are sitting there. Get up and go home as soon as possible.’ I asked Mustafa Biçer, ‘You shot and published a video here, why did you shoot that video?’ The boy said, “They are making us shoot those videos at gunpoint. They are oppressing and blackmailing us.” When Mustafa returned, the back of terror was completely broken. In other words, they are afraid of Diyarbakır mothers.” he said.


Journalist Güngör Yavuzaslan pointed out that the number of mothers participating in the sit-in in front of HDP Provincial Directorate and young people rescued from the mountain is increasing day by day.

Noting that 300 families continue their struggle, Yavuzaslan said, “This is an uprising, which we call the mothers of Diyarbakir, a ‘movement of conscience’. It is an act of conscience for mothers who lost their children. But what happened? We couldn’t tell western mothers, we couldn’t make them hear.” he said.

Stating that the Turkish media has a disease of “not being able to catch the moment” and that it should be overcome, Yavuzaslan said, “We call it ‘Diyarbakır mothers’, but there are fathers too. This is a family business. And it really broke Kandil’s sociology of terror. But we, as the media, have a lot to deal with. There are lessons.” said.

In the sessions in the workshop; “The New Subject of the New Social Movement: Adoptive Watch Families”, “Families on Adoption: Social Expectations and Emotional Labor”, “Families on Watch and Media Sociology”, “Families on Watch: Belonging, Faith and Struggle”, “Families on Watch and Struggle”. The topics titled “Civil Resistance: Communication and the Sociology of Terrorism” were evaluated sociologically by experts.

The final declaration of the workshop will be shared with the public in front of the Kurşunlu Mosque in Diyarbakır tomorrow.

Peter Kavinsky

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