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Most of the physicians interviewed indicate that they are completely satisfied with the current system, which offers the option of taking online courses and programs.

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Nearly 80% of doctors satisfied with the current training mechanism within the Continuing Medical Education System (CME), including a remote format. This is apparent from the results of a survey conducted service for doctors, the opinion of 4144 health professionals was taken into account.

The majority of physicians surveyed (78.4%) reported that they were completely satisfied with the current system, which offers the option of taking courses and programs online. “Online learning is a convenient way to gain knowledge,” they replied.

21.6% online does not fit, as they are more used to full-time education. Answering the question about the convenience of face-to-face format, more than three quarters respondents (76.6%) indicated that they were against this format. More than half (56.7%) reported that this is “categorically inconvenient” because “it will be necessary to go to the training center, set aside a few days for training, stop working” More 19.9% to say the least, saying that such a system is “rather clunky” as some technical difficulties will arise.

But only 24.7% It is expected that after the introduction of the full-time form, which is currently being discussed, the quality of education will improve.

The system of continuing medical education is built in such a way that a medical worker must constantly learn, improve his professional level. Each medical worker undergoes annual training within the CME, earning points and undergoing professional accreditation once every five years, confirming the right to work in a particular medical specialty.

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