Double signature in Galatasaray! Contract details revealed

Breaking Galatasaray news: The decision has been made regarding Kerem Aktürkoğlu and Yunus Akgün, who have become the targets of criticism with their performance in Galatasaray this season. The yellow-red management is preparing to sign a new contract with two players. Here are the details… (GS sports news)

Galatasaray News Release Date: 21.11.2022- 09:20

Galatasaraymanagement in Kerem Akturkoglu and Yunus AkgunHe pressed the button for a raise. Action has been taken regarding the two names that have been discussed since the beginning of the season.

According to the news of Milliyet; Deputy Chairman of Sportif A.Ş. Erden Timurwill sit at the table with the managers of the two players, listen to their demands and try to find a middle ground. At this point, it was stated that the salary of Kerem Aktürkoğlu, who earns 8 million liras annually, will be increased to 20 million liras. It was also stated that the annual wage of the 24-year-old football player, who has a contract until 2026, will gradually increase.

It has also been reported that Yunus Akgün, who is one of the least earning names of the team with 900 thousand liras a year, will also receive a serious raise. At this point, it was emphasized that a new contract of +3 years is planned for the 22-year-old football player whose contract will expire in 2024. It was noted that with the new contract, it is planned to give Yunus 10 million liras annually, and this will increase over time.

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By Peter Kavinsky

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