Dursun Özbek’s hand did not come out of his pocket! Here is his spending for Galatasaray in 5 months

Dursun Özbek, the president of Galatasaray, never left his pocket. Özbek, who won the congress on June 11, paid close to 900 million TL, despite being deprived of important income sources during his 5-month tenure. Özbek not only built his football team from scratch, but also implemented important projects such as Galatasaray Island and Kemerburgaz. Here are the details… | Last minute Galatasaray news (GS sports news)

Galatasaray News Release Date: 24.11.2022- 06:40

Elected to the presidency at the congress held on June 11 in the G. Saray. Dursun UzbekHe received his mandate on 14 June. According to the news of Sabah, the administration under the presidency of Uzbek paid close to 900 million TL during the 5 months of their tenure. Galatasaray IslandÖzbek and his staff, who started work by rebuilding the Kemerburgazhit the pickaxe, Mecidiyekoy revised its project to generate 1 billion TL revenue and established a football team from scratch. Management, 900 million TL payment European cup and Token He was deprived of important income such as

Here is the payment list:

nelsson, Cicaldau, Morutan, Baris Alper, Berkan and Sacha Boey‘s testimonial installments of 5 million Euros were paid.

Mohamed‘s purchase option of 4 million dollars was exercised.

-From former players Mariano‘s receivable of 500 thousand Euros was closed.

-20 million TL tax debt payment was made.

– 27 million Euros of testimonial was spent on the transfer, spread over 3-4-year terms.

The football team, which costs 50 million Euros with tax, is paid 5 million Euros every month.

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By Peter Kavinsky

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