Education budget up 3.8% to $2,352 million

Toledo (EFE) 321 million allocated to areas at risk of depopulation, primarily rural schools.

This was stated by the Minister of Education, Culture and Sports, Rosa Ana Rodriguez, in the Commission for the Economy and Budget of the Courts, to report on the main articles of the 2023 budget bill relating to her department and to report on the implementation of the budget. as of September 30th.

Rodriguez stressed that the forecast for spending per student for 2023 is 7,200 euros and will reach almost 5.5% of regional GDP in education spending.

He explained that among the tasks are the modernization of educational centers with energy efficiency to reduce electricity costs; expansion of vocational training, which is 596 teachers more than in 2015, 43 of them this year, and $201 million will be allocated next year to improve the supply and quality of vocational training, a 9.3 percent increase from Last year.

The budgets mean a 50 percent increase in the personnel section of the planned investment compared to 2014, over 540 million euros, and indicated that on the 23rd, a public job offer for more than 1,000 training places will be announced stockings.

56 million euros will be allocated to complete 102 of the 1732 activities included in Infrastructure Plan II and more than 33 million euros to further increase the number of places from 0 to 3 years, as well as to expand education coverage with a budget increase of 12 million and 244 specialists.

Thanks to these budgets, the article of educational materials will be increased to 9 million euros, and digitalization will continue in educational centers, of which 47 million are allocated to transform them into interactive classrooms, 12.5 million to train teachers in digital competencies and 8 million to reduce the digital divide .

For the University of Castile-La Mancha, more than 203 million euros are allocated in 2023, which is 8% more than this year, and also, as it continued, the state prices were frozen and the scholarships were kept, and as for the University of Alcala, the budget is increased by 7%, and $5 million was allocated to continue construction of the campus in Guadalajara.

The minister also mentioned, with regard to research, two new competitions for training and hiring researchers and another one for research projects.

In the field of culture, he allocated 4 million euros allocated for the restoration of sectors such as cinema, the expansion and diversification of the cultural offer in non-urban areas, the modernization of infrastructure for the performing and musical arts, as well as 6 million for the restoration of artistic historical heritage.

And with regard to youth and sports, he mentioned an increase in the offer of leisure and sports at school age, and the emphasis will be on equality in sports and sports infrastructure.

During 2023, there will be 23 performances at sports venues for which there is a game of almost 10 million euros.

On behalf of Ciudadanos, Carmen Picaso lamented that in Castile-La Mancha school results are “dismal” and that there is “extremely low qualification” of students from Castile-La Mancha, below the national average and communities like Madrid, and added that the government is “not investing” in schools, despite what has been announced, and believes it has abandoned real investment in favor of “beach bars”.

In the 23 budget, Picasso indicated that he lacked a reduction in the coefficients in classes, a freer and larger budget for teacher training and for the school from 0 to 3 years, and a commitment to culture and sports, which is what your group is going to fix by submitting amendments.

PP MP in the Parliament of Castile-La Mancha, Benjamín Prieto, criticized the poor execution of this year’s budget and the “lack of rigor and seriousness in the management of public resources” by the government, which he said pays more attention to advertising campaigns, and as an example he pointed out, that of the 12 million euros earmarked for teacher training, “nearly 8 million remained uninvested”.

According to a PP spokesman, the budgets “lack realism, they are related to the problems that we have in our territory, in the centers and in the educational community”, and he referred to the 5 million allocated to the campus of the University of Guadalajara, which remained at 1.5 . , he said, expressing his concerns about the “lack of heritage sensitivity”.

Education PSOE spokesperson Diana Lopez and Culture Manuela Casado stressed that the budget means more money for schools, more government spending per student, and more help for families through a 3.92% increase in spending on teaching in 2022. emphasized that more than 200 actions will be aimed at combating depopulation and securing the population in the territories thanks to the rural school; and efforts to digitize, access and professionalize culture, and to preserve, appreciate and disseminate heritage. EFE

By Peter Kavinsky

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