Education will make “maximum” terms more flexible and improve teacher training

Oviedo (EFE) — Education Minister Lidia Espina on Tuesday asked for “calm” centers as her department will make deadlines “as much” flexible as possible and “multiply” teacher training while implementing the new education law, LOMLOE.

“We are not going to persecute anyone, quite the contrary,” Espina said at a press conference after meeting with the preschool, elementary and middle school governing committees on the day the unions ANPE, UGT, CCOO and SUATEA announced protests. require changes in the implementation of the standard.

Espina stressed that the counseling “will accompany” and “help” the centers to implement LOMLOE, the law of the “21st century”, which will mean the “greatest leap” that has existed in this area.

“From the very beginning, we made the deadlines more flexible. There is no margin for being big,” the adviser stressed despite criticism, asking addressees not to feel “overwhelmed” as there is time and the administration will accompany them through the process.

Education Minister Lidia Espina (centre) during a meeting she had on Tuesday with the Steering Committee for Infants and Primary Schools. EFE/JL Cereijido.

The head of the education department reported that the obligation to provide central documents by institutions has been postponed until the final assessment, that is, the didactic and curriculum and curricula, and the qualification criteria are maintained during the first day.

At the same time, he clarified that on the same day, the ministry will publish assessment instructions that will advance the “key parts” of the assessment regulations, which are already “in progress”.

In addition, Espina has ensured that an interactive teaching call will be launched in early December for center directors to be replicated by other teachers.

Informative videos on “Key Elements” will also be posted in the coming days, and Educastur will host a repository of “learning cases for teachers to use and download”.

“Training will increase to reach more teachers,” the consultant insisted. EFE

By Peter Kavinsky

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