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Madrid, (EFE) – The impact of major sporting events on the tourism industry and their growing impact on the economy was the focus of this Thursday’s Tourism and Sports Forum, organized by EFE Sport Business in collaboration with Best Option Media.

Feliciano López, Director of Mutua Madrid Open, Javier Guillén, CEO of La Vuelta ciclista a España, Fede Segarra, Director of Public Relations at Damm, and Inmaculada Benito, Director of Tourism and Sports at the CEOE, have come to an agreement to link between them. sectors to make 3.1 million trips to Spain for sporting reasons and the associated costs of 1,379 million euros.

Mutua Madrid Open director Feliciano López speaks at the Sports and Tourism event held as part of the 7th edition of EFE Sport Business Days. EFE/David Fernandez

The tennis player and director of the Madrid tournament presented data from a study by the European University of Madrid, which says that last year the effect was 130.9 million euros, while the average cost per spectator is 644 euros, and the average stay is 5.4 days for fans from abroad

“26% of the participants were foreigners, 1 out of 4, from 50 different nationalities and 35% from other regions of Spain. These are very interesting figures. In terms of tourism in the city, this is an important reward because these people stay in Madrid, consume and leave,” he said.

In his opinion, this “positions the city” of Madrid internationally, which “understood that the tournament gave it incredible international fame”.

“Next year we have an almost 15-day tournament for men and women and more people will visit us. The name of Madrid is known all over the world. When I visit many cities, many people tell me they want to come and learn about Spanish culture,” he added, confirming that he will play several tournaments next season before retiring.

La Vuelta CEO Javier Guillén takes part in the Sports and Tourism event held as part of the VII edition of EFE Sport Business Day. EFE/David Fernandez

La Vuelta CEO Javier Guillén assured that the Spanish tour “sells tourist wealth and territory to 400 million viewers” over three weeks and “is present in 180 countries” with an audience of around 400 million viewers at the end. same.

“We have the advantage of not only showing a great brand, but also showing a product with beaches, monuments and landscapes. When La Vuelta announces that she is arriving at a new location, or right after she has passed, there is a niche of people who will meet her and try to make it on a bike. It is an important tourism fabric because La Vuelta gives it value,” he said.

Guillen emphasized that “cycling can go from city to city” and “it’s a pride that La Vuelta passes through your land”, while arguing that while the 2023 route is not closed, the round “could come out of Spain”. . “We want to have international contact,” he said.

Impact of sports on Spain’s GDP

CEOE Director of Tourism and Sports Inmaculada Benito spoke about the impact of sport on Spain’s GDP, “which is more than $39 billion”, and the link between sporting events and the hospitality industry, starting with “70% of weekend trips for sporting reasons are hotels”.

“At CEOE, we work to recognize the work of the sports industry so that it takes its rightful place. There are destinations that remain open in the low and middle season precisely because of sports,” he commented.

Fede Segarra, public relations director for FC Barcelona sponsor Damm and owner of the World Padel Tour, also spoke of the return this alliance represents for a 146-year-old company that “wouldn’t be what it is.” today, without sports.

“We are inviting 22,000 people to take part in a sporting event through our sponsorship. Of these, 40% do not live in this city. This generates economic activity in Spain. Sport has given us an exceptional platform to promote our brand and associate it with sporting values. 60 years ago, the company saw sport as an opportunity to make itself known,” he concluded.

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Peter Kavinsky

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