“El Chicle” returns to court for raping his sister-in-law in 2005.

Santiago de Compostela, November 22 (EFE) — José Enrique Abuin Gay, nicknamed “El Chicle”, who remains in the Mansilla de las Mulas prison in León while serving his sentence in a permanent prison subject to review for the murder of Diana Quer, bring it back Tuesday was tried for sexually abusing his sister-in-law in January 2005 when she was 17.

The Provincial Court of A Coruña is holding an oral hearing on this man, who is expected to testify early in the trial before the applicant, twin sister of the defendant’s wife at the time of the alleged attack, with whom he later had a baby daughter.

Both the public ministry and the private prosecution are seeking 15 years in prison in a case that was dropped in 2005 but was reopened in March 2018 after a judge found similarities between the case and the crime of a young Madrid woman, Diana Quer, which coincided with that the most “mode of action”.

According to prosecutors, the defendant convinced his daughter-in-law to take her to the institute by car, but deviated from the route until he stopped a tourist park in the municipality of Luzama (A Coruña) and one day there he took her mobile phone and taunted her with a knife.

It was then that he forced her into a sexual relationship, “always showing a knife, sliding it over her body and pressing it lightly to increase the fear” of her sister-in-law.

To prevent her from reporting it and telling their relatives what they had in common, the defendant told the victim that if she reported it, he would kill her parents, her sister—the defendant’s wife at the time—and himself.

For prosecutors, the reported facts amount to the crime of vaginal penetration sexual assault, for which it seeks fifteen years in prison for this man, who has already been sentenced to the maximum term for the crime of Diana Quer.

By Peter Kavinsky

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