Enric Gallego: “If you look at the classification, they are probably more favorites”

Santa Cruz de Tenerife (EFE).- CD Tenerife player Enric Gallego stated that if you look at the LaLiga SmartBank classification, UD Las Palmas is the “very favorite” in next Saturday’s derby at the Gran Canaria Stadium and believes that they will have a “great game” to beat the yellow team.

The Catalan striker, who scored two goals to win the Blues and Whites in the last game of the island’s ultimate rivalry (1-2) on June 4, hopes to “repeat” such a performance, although, in his opinion, the most important thing is to “add three points”.

“We are never favorites. If you look at the classification and where each of them is, maybe they are even more favorites, but in such matches, anything can happen, and we hope that it will fall on our side, ”said at a press conference veteran striker of Barcelona.

Enric Gallego added that while it’s “pleasant” to play a “full field” derby, he perceives it “like another game, it doesn’t go any further” without any “pressure”.

The Catalan striker is the top scorer of the blue and white team with three goals, although he always wants to contribute “more” in this aspect and admits that in the previous game against Huesca at Heliodoro (2-0) he scored two goals. the chances are clear that he did not convert, but experience tells him that this “changes with work.”

Gallego is also the player in the entire Second Division who commits the most fouls, with 51 offenses, a far cry from Racing Santander’s No. 2 defender Iñigo with 33 offenses.

The 36-year-old blue-and-white center expires on June 30, 2023, and when asked about a possible extension, he said that “there will be everything that should be”, and in this matter he is “calm”. “.efe

By Peter Kavinsky

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