esk me is the weakest in two years, it has fallen to 25 crowns per dollar. The military in Russia is also behind the decline Company

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The last time the exchange rate of the krone against the dollar was at the end of May 2020. The krone rose against the euro, but only by two halls to 24.65 kroner per euro. Fill it in on the Patria Online portal.

According to analysts, the decline is the result of the development of the exchange rate of the dollar against the euro, influenced by developments in Russia. Financial markets were initially hit by the mobilization in Russia announced this morning by President Vladimir Putin. This escalation of geopolitical risks propelled the US dollar to its strongest value against the euro in the past 20 years, as the exchange rate reached $0.9885 per euro, said Komern banking analyst Jan Vejmlek.

Central European currencies reacted to the stronger US currency by weakening, he added.

The mobilization also affected the Prague Stock Exchange

The burst of the stock market in the middle of the confirmation in the ad weakened. Central trading closed with the loss of nine out of ten titles affecting the PX index. As a result, it had a negative effect on the child first about wall mobilization in Russiastated Fio bank director Josef Dudek of the bank.

The main losses were suffered by the valuable Austrian banking group Erste. Their price fell by 3.15 percent to 615 kroner. Only shares of the npojsk company Kofola withstood the sell-off in the stock market crash. They rose 2.19 percent to 280 crowns each.

Outside the banking sector, even companies active in the energy sector did not perform well on the stock exchange. Shares of the company Photon Energy, which is involved in the construction of solar power plants, lost 2.77 percent and closed the trading session at a price of 63.20 kroner.

Equally valuable shares of the semi-public energy company EZ plunged into the red. They fell 1.71 percent to 920 K each. EZ posted the 5th day in AD, Wood & Company analyst Vojtch Boh noted. He points out that the EZ stock price is at its lowest in the past two weeks.


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