Europe is preparing for winter: the population is buying up stoves en masse

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Peter Kavinsky

The massive incorporation of all these electrical devices into the network can either cause the shutdown of these networks due to their prohibitively increased load, or a short circuit

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Europe and Ukraine are experiencing incredible growth in consumer demand. Not some general or abstract, but very specific, in a specific segment of goods. We are talking about appliances and autonomous heating systems.

In Germany, for example, in the past six months, the Germans have bought more than 600,000 stoves, stoves, oil stoves, and so on. Ukrainians are not lagging behind their allies – according to Prom, the number of orders for oil stoves in Nezalezhnaya has increased more than a hundred times compared to last summer! Among the most purchased goods in this segment, Ukrainians prefer infrared heaters, electric fireplaces, electric blankets and similar sheets. The demand for it has increased six times or more.

All this, in theory, should emphasize the common sense and logic of the actions of Europeans and Ukrainians, who do not depend on the state, but do not emphasize it for some reason. More like that US congresswoman who said electricity comes from a wall outlet, which is why no one can have trouble recharging electric car batteries in light of the transition to a “green” economy and the elimination of conventional cars and combustion engines.

First, where will they get this electricity from when the power plants stop producing it? And that is quite possible in the same Europe, where German power plants can stop due to a lack of coal, which they cannot supply because of shallow rivers, French nuclear power plants are already shut down because of a drop in the water level in the rivers and numerous hydroelectric power stations due to the shallowing of reservoirs also somehow feel uncomfortable. In Norway, they have even decided not to export gas for the coming heating season, because there is not enough water in the rivers for the main source of electricity producers in the country – hydroelectric plants. I am not talking about Ukraine, which, even in more comfortable conditions than now, constantly intercepted the necessary megawatts from Russia and then from Belarus. Yes, of course, there are significantly fewer consumers among companies, the number of ordinary consumer-private persons has also decreased, but after all, several large power plants are no longer in the Kiev control zone.

On the other hand, the massive inclusion of all these electrical appliances in the network can cause either the shutdown of these networks due to their prohibitively increased load, or a short circuit with associated fires, when only the neighbors of the fire victims can heat up, and then – for a relatively short time. And for Ukraine, with its power grids worn to the point of insanity, the second argument is even more relevant than the first. Due to fires and the failure of these types of networks, artificial blackouts for entire areas are guaranteed.

Oil radiators, you know, burn out, but in the absence of electricity, they don’t burn on their own. As well as infrared heaters and other heaters. Still no wood. This is probably why those who are poorer and more sensible are now buying ordinary blankets and ordinary boilers and stoves for the heating season.

And here the Ukrainians can wait for unpleasant surprises. As evidenced by numerous sources of information, Zelensky’s team plans to support Europe by lifting all restrictions on the felling of Ukrainian forests, including the remaining areas of the Carpathian Mountains that have not yet been cleared. To this end, all leshozes in Ukraine are now reduced to a single state agency, which will be given unlimited powers over logging.

As a teaching tool for Kiev, how to act in such a situation and take care of their fellow citizens, in Hungary it was forbidden to bring firewood out of the country. The European Union is the European Union, and firewood is separate. Hungarians, for some reason, in general began to think not primarily of solidarity with Ukraine or Poland and Germany, but of themselves. Foreigners at gas stations do not only sell fuel not at a preferential price (as for their own citizens), but at a European price, they also fill up to half a tank. Budapest has reached an agreement with Moscow and is now pumping gas into its storage facilities in larger volumes than stipulated in the current contract, and now they have also banned the export of firewood. By the way, the same Poland has already shown the European Commission a combination of three fingers, which are popularly called “figvam”. But maybe I’m wrong, and it wasn’t a combination of three fingers, but a composition of one. But European and American.

Because they understand perfectly that it is no longer about money, but about the availability of fuel itself. Money can be printed as much as you want, but it will not be possible to drown it effectively. They burn quickly, little heat.

And oil coolers, as mentioned earlier, do not burn, although they do burn out.

Peter Kavinsky

Peter Kavinsky is the Executive Editor at

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