Ex-“brilliant” Olga Orlova is pregnant at 44: the first shots with a round belly

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Olga Orlova announced pregnancy.

A picture: from social networks

Nobody expected this from Olga Orlova: ex-“brilliant”, who usually does not share the details of her personal life, announced the pregnancy on social networks. Yes, she not only announced the so-called photo evidence, but also published it – a video in a swimsuit, where only a blind person could not see a round stomach.

Don’t stop hoping, keep dreaming! Miracles happen when you believe in them,” wrote 44-year-old Orlova.

It looks like the star posted these touching photos with permission husbandwho celebrated his birthday the day before. Husband-businessman Valery, about whom absolutely nothing is known, is said to be 10 years older than the singer. They got married exactly a year ago and apparently they are still on their honeymoon.

The singer got married a year ago.

A picture: from social networks

– Happy Birthday. my best man in the world! I always believed that I would meet someone who would have everything you could dream of. My kindest, most caring, most understanding person on the planet. Best man, best friend, best husband! I just wanted to say how much I love you, – Orlova admitted on social networks the day before, adding that she would definitely get it for publishing their common photo – they say that her husband does not approve of publicity.

For Olga Orlova, this marriage is the second. In 2000, she met businessman Alexander Karmanov and, having become pregnant with him, left the Brilliant group. On May 4, 2001, the son of the singer Artyom was born, but this did not save the relationship of the spouses: in 2004, the marriage broke up.

Orlova with a 21-year-old son from his first marriage.

A picture: from social networks


Pregnancy at 44 – a miracle or the norm?

Boris Lordkipanidze, obstetrician-gynecologist, candidate of medical sciences, international expert on reproductive health issues in the Russian Federation:

– Yes, of course a 44 year old woman can get pregnant naturally without resorting to IVF. At this age, everything depends on the state of the body, and not on the number of years lived. In addition, if a woman has already given birth, it is easier for her to conceive after age 40 as compared to those who have not given birth. Likewise in the case of Olga Orlova: her reproductive function has already been tested, the neuroendocrine system remembers the process of pregnancy and childbirth. I also do not rule out the possibility that the artist can give birth naturally if there are favorable factors: there is no such rule that women should have a cesarean section after 40.

In July, Orlova published a photo with a perfectly flat stomach.

A picture: from social networks

Now doctors rarely warn against pregnancy at 40+. The only thing doctors are concerned about is the risk of chromosomal changes in the fetus (for example, the development of Down syndrome), which increases significantly in older mothers. Therefore, the main thing here is the responsible preparation of pregnancy and constant monitoring by doctors throughout the waiting time for the baby. A woman is recommended to undergo a full check-up and screening studies to treat all diseases before pregnancy.

By the way, the age of the man does not directly affect the possibility of conception and the health of the child, but the general condition of the father’s body is important. After 50 years, few men are healthy, did not drink, did not smoke and took up sports all their lives. That is why I would also recommend a thorough examination to future fathers.

Peter Kavinsky

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