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“Dear users, at the moment there may be slow responses when logging in with Citizen Identity. The problem is being resolved. We apologize for the complications, thank you for your understanding”, the Citizen Portal reads.

The problems were confirmed by the spokeswoman for the Ministry of Interior and Communications. “Some people may have a longer response time when logging into their electronic identity, which means they may not be able to log in at all. We are now intensively working on the situation with the Ministry of the Interior,” said Eva Davidová. According to her, some of the citizens enter the system, but not all.

Davidová added that the office is recording tens of thousands of applications for a $5,000 stipend throughout the weekend and Monday.

Applications can be submitted online through an application on the Ministry of Labor website, or in person at Czech Points in town halls or regional offices. Households with child benefit do not have to apply for the benefit, they receive it automatically.

According to Karel Trpkoš, deputy of the Ministry of Labor for Information Technology, after processing and inspection, the employment offices could start transferring the money at the end of the month. The Labor Ministry leadership expects the largest flow of applicants to be in the first ten days.

With one-off support, the government wants to mitigate the consequences of price increases for families. According to the law, the allowance for families with an income of last year is up to one million kronor gross. It is awarded to a descendant who was not yet 18 years old on August 1. The state also pays out money for children born before the end of the year. A child with a permanent residence and residence in the Czech Republic is entitled to 5,000 crowns. Parents must live with the child and pay the costs.

Foreigners who live and work in the Czech Republic for a long time can also receive the allowance. Foster parents, spouses or partners of parents, as well as widowers and widowers of parents can pull it. Employment and business income, alimony, severance pay, wage or salary compensation, bonuses, insurance payments, benefits, pensions, rent or other income taxed in the Czech Republic are included in the million income. Any winnings are not taken into account.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs began to receive electronic applications over the weekend, department head Marian Jurečka (KDU-ČSL) said on Twitter on Sunday evening. The system will be fully operational on Monday

Online form it is only possible to fill in with an electronic identity, ie with a bank identity. Some details are already listed in the application. People then have to fill in the address of their actual place of residence. They will choose the method of delivery of money and communication with the office. They fill in the names and social security numbers of their children and information about their partner, or check that they are single. At the end, they confirm affidavits about income and family members.

In Czech Point, the identity card and birth numbers of the children must be sufficient to submit the application. Foster parents or other caregivers must provide documents confirming the relationship with the child. A guardianship decision is required. Copies can also be uploaded to the online application. In the case of alternating childcare, one of the parents must register.

According to the ministry, 1.1 million households are entitled to the benefit. About 1.6 million children could have it. About 240,000 of these receive child benefit. The expenditure would be about 7.8 billion crowns. Some experts on social issues criticize the post. They say it’s too flat.

They also point out that one-time support won’t do much for struggling families. They recommended an increase in child benefit and housing benefit. Some critics also speak of bribing voters ahead of the fall election.


Peter Kavinsky

Peter Kavinsky is the Executive Editor at cablefreetv.org

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