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Italian head coach who quit his job in the A National Women’s Volleyball Team Giovanni GuidettiHe said he did his best and will be one of Turkey’s best supporters from now on.

Guidetti and Turkish Volleyball Federation (TVF) Head Mehmet Akif Ustundagmet at the press conference at the TVF 50. Yıl Deniz Esinduy Volleyball Hall.

Making a statement here, Mehmet Akif Üstündağ has been saying that for 5 years. A National Women’s Volleyball TeamReminding that such a press conference was held for Guadetti, who was the head coach of . services and contributions.” said.

“We decided to leave after a long meeting”

Stating that they met with Guidetti frequently after the last world championship and talked to each other about separation, Üstündağ continued as follows:

“We decided to leave by holding a long meeting. We took this decision with his own will. He also had statements that were reflected in the media. He talked about what Turkey has brought him. As the president of the federation, I would like to thank our teacher for the services he has given on the basis of the national team so far. He is the coach of Vakıfbank Sports Club in our country, he has been serving here for many years and still continues. I wish success. Since we think that the decisions taken by our decent community are exemplary decisions and that this will set an example, we wanted to make our joint decision in the presence of the press, saying goodbye to each other. We are together. We will continue to receive help from him in every matter. Even though I don’t think we are going through a difficult process. If there is, we give our rights. If he has, let him give us his rights.”

“Turkish volleyball has gained incredible momentum”

Mehmet Akif Üstündağ also stated that the Italian coach made great contributions to Turkish volleyball and said, “When we look at the point we have reached, everyone has serious efforts and support. Turkish volleyball has gained an incredible momentum and I hope it will continue this momentum. There may not be people, including me, but even while I am on duty. “We must represent this community in the best possible way. No one should have the slightest doubt about that.” used the phrases.

Underlining that Turkish volleyball has taken its place in every tournament at the point it has reached, Üstündağ concluded his words as follows:

“Today we are in the world championship, we are in the European championship, we are in the VNL. Men also gained a great momentum. We are in the European championship. We are in the Golden League. I believe that we will catch the VNL with a very good generation in men. I would like to renew here that there is a 99 percent and 51 percent chance for men to participate. For the first time in our history, we will also play in the men’s Olympic qualification. This means that Turkish volleyball has always moved forward and will continue to do so. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our teachers.”

Guidetti: “I am proud of the work we have done over the last 5 years”

Giovanni Guidetti, on the other hand, stated that he started this business with the intention of giving back what the Turkish national team gave him and that he can now say that one side of him is Turkish because he has been in Turkey for 15 years. We played our finals with 3 medals. We qualified for the Olympics. We participated in the world championship. And most importantly, when we started working, Turkey was ranked 15th in the world, now our ranking is down to 7. I think it’s a great situation. What they gave me, I also Turkey I think that’s how I gave it back to . used the phrases.

Especially thanking the chairman Üstündağ, Guidetti said, “I think we can win a medal in Paris regarding the new additions to our team. And at the same time, I have become everyone’s teacher in the position of being everyone’s brother-in-law. I can benefit from this opportunity to everyone who has worked hard and worked hard in the last 5 years.” I want to say a big thank you to our players, our fans and our president.” made its assessment.

“Two days ago, a young girl from Bitlis reached me”

Pointing out that he hopes to reach more young players thanks to the studies, Guidetti continued as follows:

“Two days ago, a young girl from Bitlis reached me. In fact, she said to me, ‘I am very happy that you can spare more time for us,’ while feeling sorry for not being a national team coach. provides.

I would like to thank our President for the support and opportunities he has given me. I have done my best for this country in the last 5 years and I want to say that I will be one of the best supporters of Turkey in the future. Turkey is a great country when it comes to volleyball and I hope it stays that way. I send my best wishes to everyone with all my heart.”

After the speeches, Mehmet Akif Üstündağ presented a plaque and flowers to Guidetti.

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By Peter Kavinsky

Peter Kavinsky is the Executive Editor at