Feihoo asks “not to engage in tax demagoguery” and reminds that the PSOE has abolished the wealth tax.

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Roa (Burgos), 20 September (EFE). — NP National President Alberto Nunez Feijoo asked on Tuesday “not to engage in demagogy” with fiscal policy and to respect the autonomy and powers vested in regional governments. At the same time, who remembered that in the case of the wealth tax, it was the PSOE, when Zapatero ruled, that abolished it at the state level in order to return it later with the crisis.

During his visit to some vineyards in the Roa de Duero municipality of Burgos, when asked about the announcement made yesterday by Andalusian President Juan Manuel Moreno to abolish the wealth tax, Feijoo stated that what his party colleague is doing is ” compliance with their electoral program” and enjoy their autonomy.

ROA (BURGOS), 20.09.2022.- PP President Alberto Nuñez Feijoo and PP-CyL President and President Alfonso Fernández Manueco visit the winery and denomination of Ribera del Duero. Origin, this Tuesday in Rose (Burgos). EFE/Paco Santamaria

When asked if the decision would be followed in the rest of the NP-ruled autonomies, Feijoo refused to influence the decision that other leaders might take, such as Alfonso Fernández Manueco in Castile and León: “The only one who can speak is the chairman of the board.” , he concluded, in order to avoid a ruling on the matter.

In his case, he recalled that, as President of the Xunta de Galicia, he committed himself to abolish it at the end of this legislative assembly, but he recalled that in his home community, a minimum exemption of 800,000 euros already applies, which means that currently the Tribute only citizens who have assets in excess of this amount, which in Castile and León is 700,000 euros, pay.

Feijoo believes that among the fiscal announcements made yesterday by the President of Andalusia, one regarding the wealth tax is “important” and the announcement related to the personal income tax is “very important” because it involves three times more economic resources and affects “middle and moderate incomes”.

Asked about some of the statements made to Onda Sero by the Minister for Integration, Social Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá, a personal proponent of tax centralization such as Heritage, the PP leader lamented that these positions are contrary to what the partners advocate. PSOE in government.

“The president of the government supports pro-independence parties that want financial agreement and oppose harmonization,” Feihoo summed up, who said the PSOE “should be clear” on the issue.

“The president of the government supports pro-independence parties that want financial agreement and oppose harmonization,” Feihoo summed up, who said the PSOE “should be clear” on the issue.

Zapatero precedent

He remembered what it was José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, who in 2008 decided to abolish the state wealth tax.although he replaced him again “because a crisis had come” and Mariano Rajoy or Pedro Sánchez did not subsequently change the said homage.

During his speech to the media, Feihou insisted that the government should simplify taxation related to energy consumption and extend the exemptions approved before December 31 throughout the winter.

“Copy, copy well,” he asked the government about the proposals made by the PP in favor of “returning” to the public what it had paid “more” in recent months as a result of inflation.

In this regard, he called on the executive branch to reduce energy consumption, the purchase of feed, fertilizer and plastics for the agri-food sector, for which he asked to improve Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation (PERTE), currently allocated at $1,000 millionwhich, in his opinion, is not enough for a sector as important as this one. EFE
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