FENERBAHÇE NEWS – There is no holiday between the World Cup for Jorge Jesus, the experienced Canary coach!

Part of the season before the World Cup Super League and Europa LeagueTechnical Director in Fenerbahçe, who finished the leader in Jorge JesusIt continues to work even during the given break. Jesus and his associates took their country for a short break of 45 days. Portugalwent to Despite this, the yellow-dark blue technical committee meeting with their families continues their work and never breaks off communication.

Two names from Jorge Jesus’ team 2022 World CupHe said he will be following it closely. It was emphasized that Jesus and his other assistants will also watch the players in the squad. The latest situation before the friendly matches, the reports of the injured players, the status of the recovered players will be in the hands of the technical committee as daily reports, even if they are on vacation. During this time, the World Cup Batshuayi and Valencia It will be constantly monitored and reports will be taken. The status of the players in the other national team is also being examined.

The Spanish La Liga teams of Jorge Jesus, who want to spend this 45-day break with the meticulousness of an early-season camp, villarreal and Rayo Vallecano It was emphasized that he attaches great importance to the friendly matches to be held with him.

Fenerbahce, depending on the situation Italyof Salernitana He is also expected to play a friendly match with his team. Jesus and his team are also in the cup after the break. Istanbulspor and in the league Trabzonspor They will be prepared in detail for the matches they will play with them.


According to the news of Milliyet; Jorge Jesus and his assistants also analyzed in detail what they did in the first episode of the season. on 13 November Giresunspor After the match, the technical team in Fenerbahçe came together for a while. IstanbulBy staying in , he made both the analysis and all the minus and plus aspects were discussed. The report on what the football players should do on vacation was presented during this time. While reports about the injured players were also received, communication was established with the coaches of the national team of the players who will go to the national team.

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By Peter Kavinsky

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