First we were in the second round, and that’s a rush too, on the Okamura course House


vv the SPD movement, the same as the ANO movement, they spoke about the past elections as a referendum on the Spolu cabinet (ODS, KDU-SL, TOP 09) and Pirt se STAN. After the first round of the senate elections, SPD chairman Tomio Okamura called on the people to vote against the candidates of the governing coalition parties in the second round. At the top of the list, he says, are the mistakes of the opposition and the government of Petr Fiala.

However, the voters did not listen to his call and the ruling party, on the contrary, called their senators. The only SPD finalist Eva Chromcov she lost this weekend a duel with ANO candidate Vra Prochzková in the Karlovy Vary district.

The SPD is the youngest political party in Parliament and we have won the first tripartite number of representatives, which we have not had until now. They also managed to achieve the second goal, which is that for the first time in the history of the SPD, at least one candidate reached the second round of the senate elections, the result judged by Okamura.

Sm f SPD wrongly cast a valid vote for candidate TOP 09 Jiho Riku in the first round of the senate elections. He was not running in the district on the day of his movement’s downfall, so he wanted to throw an illegible ballot at the opponent to defend the election, but the vote was not cast. According to the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of the Interior, simply scratching and tearing the cover, as Okamura described it, does not invalidate it.

In favor of the candidate, even such a voter will hide the fraud, on which the voter has exercised various rights. A damaged or worn ballot does not affect its validity, as long as it contains the necessary information according to the law. The slip would be invalid if torn, ie torn into two or more pieces. TOP 09, for which Sentor Rika was a candidate, praised the SPD chairman for his vote.

Whether Mr. Rika’s name has been crossed out enough or not, whether it was useful or not useful to someone, is to be judged by the Election Commission. Unfortunately, since it is a secret polling station, we will never know whether my vote has been recognized as valid by the electoral commission or not, Okamura told

In the summer municipal elections, the SPD managed to succeed in all regional cities and for the first time even entered the council in Prague, where it participated together with Trikolora and the PES movement. This year, 492 SPD deputies were elected from 4,467 candidates in 337 cities and towns, in 50 of which lists of candidates were drawn up with Trikolora, Svobodni and other factions. For those years, only 161 out of 4,501 SPD candidates passed.


By Peter Kavinsky

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