Fito Paes celebrates 30 years of his most memorable song

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Buenos Aires, 20 September (EFE). The anxiety of the public seized the stadium in anticipation of their idol. He was called with applause, before the delay he was called, finally the lights went out and the Argentine singer and songwriter Fito Paez appeared on the stage.

On Tuesday, Páez kicked off the “El Amor 30 Años After Love Tour” in Buenos Aires on Tuesday, commemorating the 30th anniversary of Rosario’s best-selling and iconic album, with recitals in Argentina, the United States, Venezuela, Spain, Uruguay and Chile.

Together with the singer Fabiana Cantilo and the angry audience, Paez took the stage to the rhythm of “El amor tras el amor”, which the audience appreciated with a standing ovation and chorus, making it clear that this would be the beginning of one of the most anticipated shows.

Argentine singer and songwriter Fito Paez during a solo concert at the Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires (Argentina). EFE/Juan Ignacio Roncoroni

“It’s been 30 years already. After recording three albums in a year, another one will be fun, so we just announced it and a barbaric quilombo was assembled,” Paez said to the amazement of thousands of fans who came to the Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires.

El Amor Tras del Amor, first recorded in 1992, was the album that set him on fire as a musician and made Argentine rock famous.

With 1,100,000 physical copies sold in 2012, it was the best-selling album in the history of popular music in the South American country, and even today, no one has surpassed it.

Detail of the hands of the Argentinean composer Fito Paez during a presentation in Buenos Aires (Argentina). EFE/Juan Ignacio Roncoroni

“Somehow they make me think, besides what I feel all the time, I don’t know what it will mean, but definitely something good that happened in our life and we forgot,” he added. singer-songwriter, praising the “city of poor hearts”.

Although the almost 15 seats that covered the stadium for each person were filled, they were of no use, as Argentines have fire in their veins. A small space is not enough, it cannot contain the jumps, dance, songs and passion generated by the best artists of this era.

miracle of love

A new version of this album in 30 years is “an unattractive reality” considering “how quickly time passes” for Páez.

“All the feelings associated with this album were and remain very beautiful. It occurred to me to re-record it all again, edit it, put the same elements in different places and invite other guests, ”the artist said in the middle of this year.

The list of guests of that time, according to Paez himself, “was a miracle”: Mercedes Sosa, Charlie Garcia, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Andres Calamaro and Gustavo Cerati, as well as other prestigious musicians who participated in this album.

Returning to the stage, the composer made the stadium vibrate with the song “Tumbas de la Gloria”, dedicated to his closest relatives, who were directly related to the artist’s life.

Argentine rock legend Fito Páez celebrates the 30th anniversary of his song “Love After Love” in Buenos Aires, Argentina. EFE/Juan Ignacio Roncoroni

His grandmother and great aunt raised Fito after the premature death of his mother when he was only eight months old, both killed in the house where the musician learned to compose music.

This context known to the public was returned to Fito in the form of a song in which each verse was repeated as if it were the last.

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