Flash Lionel Messi and photo commentary from Cristiano Ronaldo!

In Portugal, which will start the 2022 World Cup in the game they will play against Ghana on Thursday, November 24, star football player Cristiano Ronaldo made a statement. The Portuguese player also referred to the photo he took with Lionel Messi recently. Here are those words…

News News Release Date: 21.11.2022- 11:07 Update Date: 21.11.2022- 11:28

Portugalworld famous star of Cristiano Ronaldomade statements to the press.

Ronaldo in his speech, Messi He referred to the chess photo they shared with him at the same time.


In his speech, Ronaldo said, “Hopefully I’ll be the one to checkmate at the World Cup.” made his comment.

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By Peter Kavinsky

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