Foreign Minister of Catalonia visits Jerusalem and reaffirms ties with Israel

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Jerusalem, 21 September (EFE) — Generalitat Foreign Minister Victoria Alsina visited Jerusalem today as part of her official visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories, where she underlined her intentions to strengthen the Catalan institutional presence and ties with the Jewish state, as well as cooperation with Palestine .

This trip “aims to identify medium and long-term cooperation options in which Catalonia and Israel have common interests”, such as the economy, research or innovation, as well as “cooperation in the field of historical memory, diaspora or Jewish heritage.” Alsina told the media.

He also stressed that “Palestine has long been a priority country for Catalan cooperation”, an area he explored yesterday in meetings with Palestinian NGOs in the occupied West Bank that receive Catalan funds.

In turn, today he also held meetings in Jerusalem with representatives of the United Nations Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA).

This morning, the councilor laid flowers at the Jerusalem Holocaust Museum (Yad Vashem) in memory of the six million Jews killed by the Nazis during the visit to convey “a message of friendship between the peoples of Israel and Catalonia.”

The link “came from afar and still has many common pages to write,” said the minister, who did not provide specific details when asked about possible plans for a new Generalitat delegation to Israel.

Speculation has been speculated in previous days about the possibility that Alsina made a statement to this effect during his time in the Jewish state, though he would ultimately rule out the move.

In this regard, the adviser said that after this trip there will be an in-depth discussion on how to formulate a Catalan institutional presence in Israel “also following the logic of the Abraham Accords”, pacts through which Israel normalized relations with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Morocco in 2020 year, which was highly appreciated by Alsina.

According to him, these agreements “open up new opportunities for cooperation at the regional level, also following the logic of the Mediterranean policy, which is very important” for the Catalan government.

Alsina also emphasized his criticism of a resolution passed in June by the Catalan parliament, which considered that the regime that Israel is applying to the Palestinian territories can be described as a “crime of apartheid.”

“The first thing I did after his approval was call the Israeli ambassador in Madrid to inform her that this position does not have a translation into the position of the Catalan government” with Israel, the adviser said.

“We believe that Israel and Catalonia have many common interests and many opportunities to work together, so this relationship will continue,” Alsina concluded. EFE


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