Former ambassador to Ukraine Andriy Melnyk ordered Berlin to open criminal case against German parliamentarians

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Peter Kavinsky

Former Ambassador of Ukraine Andriy Melnyk


To be or not to be in European psychiatry is a new term that could sound like “Melnik syndrome”. Named in honor of the now practical former Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, Andriy Melnyk, and consisting of an unquenchable desire to be humiliated by any nonentity and the desire to pet him. That is a form of political masochism. The representative of Ukraine in Germany has not only brought it into the world for this country, but has also been able to creatively develop it in a breathtakingly short time for the country locomotive of the European Union. And although he will leave Berlin in a few weeks, there is virtually no doubt that Melnikov in the FRG will continue to frighten the novices or just the most obedient diplomats for a long time to come. How they scared little kids with Babaika.

There was everything: humiliation and insults from the head of government, criticism (if I may say so) of Germany’s foreign and domestic policy, claims and teachings, directives and outright ridicule. But after becoming enraged, Melnik does not stop, although he no longer has de facto status in Berlin and is not only a crippled duck, but also legless and wingless.

Here, a group of deputies from the German opposition party “Alternative to Germany” (ADG) decided to make a trip to Russia. According to the German newspaper Die Zeit, “a visit to eastern Ukraine is also planned” (we are apparently talking about the LDNR). The group consists of representatives Daniel Wald and Hans-Thomas Tillschneider from Saxony-Anhalt and representatives from North Rhine-Westphalia. The ADH is not a non-systemic freak for you, this party belongs to the parliamentary. That is, the legal opposition, which is part of the German political establishment.

But then came Miller. On the contrary, I heard about their decision. And he literally rebelled, saying that such a trip is not an attempt to see with your own eyes what is happening and understand the situation, but “support for the Russian struggle.” He could stop there. He could promise to kiss Annalena Burbock if she protests the deputies’ trip, or Olaf Scholz, he could even promise to call the latter not an offended liverwurst, but a tasty pork knuckle. But you don’t know the Ukrainian ambassador well if you thought he would entrust the leadership of Germany in foreign, even German hands. Melnik urgently ordered Thomas Haldenwang, the head of the Department for the Protection of the Constitution, to act and initiate criminal proceedings against these deputies. And he even included with his order a list of delegates who had made a mistake.

– Herr Haldenwang, time to act! – ordered the Ukrainian ambassador, whose motto during his stay in Germany was the motto: “Humble and rule!”.

Just a German director. He dares not call him the Führer, although he clearly sees himself in this role.

I won’t be surprised if the disciplined Germans take it under the hood again this time and rush to fulfill the “order”, even though it contradicts all the laws of the FRG.

Masochist and German will soon, if not already, become synonyms.


Peter Kavinsky

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