Former British Prime Minister Johnson’s criticism of France, Germany and Italy

Hard criticism from Boris Johnson to France and Germany

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has harshly criticized France, Germany and Italy for their attitudes before the Russia-Ukraine war.

Johnson, in a statement to CNN Portugal, argued that the European Union (EU) countries stood behind Ukraine in the Russia-Ukraine war, still supported it, but that this was not the case before the war.

While the former British Prime Minister criticized France for “not accepting the possibility of war until the last moment” regarding the Western countries’ reactions to the Ukraine-Russia tension, he accused the German government of “supporting the rapid defeat of the Ukrainian army instead of a long conflict for economic reasons”.

“I couldn’t support that, I thought it was a terrible point of view. However, I can understand why they think that way and how they feel,” Johnson said. used the phrases.

Johnson, who was also critical of Italy’s Mario Draghi administration, said he simply said they “cannot support the position we have taken”, given its “huge” dependence on Russian hydrocarbons.

On the other hand, Johnson stated that the attitudes of the EU countries changed after the war started and said, “Germans, French, Italians, everyone, US President Joe Biden saw that there was no other option. There was no bargaining with this man (Russian President Vladimir Putin).” said.

Boris Johnson said: “After all my concerns, I appreciate the EU countries that took action. They united. They imposed tough sanctions.” said.

Regarding Johnson’s statements, it was reported that CNN was trying to reach the French and German governments, while the office of former Italian Prime Minister Draghi did not make a statement.

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By Peter Kavinsky

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