Fourth Reich Zelensky. Kiev carefully selects Russian speakers to send to the front

The armed forces of Ukraine are mobilizing and sending the inhabitants of the Russian-speaking regions of the country to the front

The armed forces of Ukraine are mobilizing and sending the inhabitants of the Russian-speaking regions of the country to the front


On the Ukraine, as in an enlightened democratic state, everyone is equal. But as usual, some are more equal than others.

Armed Forces of Ukraine mobilize without exception and sent to the front of the inhabitants of the Russian-speaking regions of the country. Excluding them. Particularly talked about Regions Mykolaiv, Dnepropetrovsk, Cherkasyand controlled by Kiev parts of the Zaporozhye region. In addition, news comes from Kherson that the Ukrainian army that has taken the city is without exception taking away those who “cooperated with the Russian government”.

Such data was leaked by the Ukrainian security forces to the Russian military.

And at the moment, men from the western regions, by their own admission, lead their peaceful lives. Nobody touches them. “40 people were mobilized in Ivano-Frankivsk, 30 in Lvov.”

In the same piggy bank: telegram channels write that the Ukrainian security service is preparing raids in the Sumy region. Firstly, they will capture pro-Russian citizens in order to simply replenish the exchange fund with prisoners, and secondly … to the front. How will they be detected? Yes, they arrange demonstrative “handovers of equipment” and then total checks of phones begin. Whoever took the photos is the spy.

And this is not about convenience – they say that these people live closer to the front, but they also need to be taken from Lviv. No, this is a selection commissioned by Zelensky’s office. for what? Yes, everything is simple. And terrible.

The main reason is that almost all Westerners have already fled to Poland and even further. And those who live in the east have nowhere to go. To the west? No one waits for them there and no one considers them human beings. East to Russia? Many have already fled, and those who would not or could not fight.

And what warriors of the Westerners? They just run away from the battlefield. Both Russian fighters and captured Ukrainians themselves spoke about this more than once. But Russian-speaking Ukrainians are nowhere near cowardice. Fighters, who are essentially Russian, they just learned to be called Ukrainians, on the contrary, they show character and do not leave their positions even in the most difficult situation.

Don’t forget and “Bloody Curtain”. Precisely. Bloody, not iron. But the meaning is the same. By taking in Russians from Ukraine and Russians from Russia, Zelensky sows enmity. Purposefully. He is trying to anger the East and build a bloody barrier between Russia and the Russian people in Ukraine.

It’s also a good way to thin out unwanted – potentially dangerous Russian speakers. You send them to the slaughterhouse and that’s it. Two birds with one stone – one shot. And there are no people who think in Russian, and the country is free. Incidentally, this is still an idea of ​​​​the Kiev authorities, according to sources at the Ukrainian army. Zelensky liberates the country. In the true sense of the word. To populate them later with loyal migrants from Western Ukraine.

Did he come up with it himself? Is a Jewish boy from Krivoy Rog capable of such betrayal? Could he become a loyal follower of Goebbels? Of course he could. Whatever comes to mind for 9 years of total propaganda of the superiority of one people over another. But still hard to believe. This could only be advised, forced to impose. Who? Either completely knocked off Bandera, or … Anglo-Saxons. And this is exactly what the sources of the Russian special services in Ukraine are talking about, and the course of history.

The task of the West is to turn Ukraine against Russia. This is their cherished dream. So they live by these precepts. And Zelensky is with them.

By Peter Kavinsky

Peter Kavinsky is the Executive Editor at