France vs Australia result: score, goals, World Cup 2022 report

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An attacker who was supposed to be dispensable now only has one match.

This is the story of Olivier Giroud, which continues, and which marks. The 36-year-old finally got the goal he didn’t get in 2018 to win his first World Cup in eight years before quickly following it up with another.

It made France 4-1 against Australia and was also the 51st goal of his international career, to equal Thierry Henry’s record.

Giroud might well top that in this tournament, a World Cup he wasn’t even supposed to start in. This is precisely why Karim Benzema’s injury wasn’t considered a disaster by the French, despite his immense quality.

Giroud and Mbappe have linked up well in attack

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They had already won a World Cup with Giroud and, far from the Real Madrid player taking them to another level, the belief is that the team works better with the Milan striker. It ties it all together. Kylian Mbappe certainly enjoys playing with him.

When it comes to levels, the reality of this game was that a brave but extremely limited Australia simply couldn’t come close to France.

There’s no shame in that, and they might actually take credit for how they scared the defending champions.

It was certainly a moment that Craig Goodwin will cherish.

If nothing else, even in a tournament as controversial as this, the World Cup is a rare opportunity to dream. That’s the magic of it. That’s what Australia briefly enjoyed, which might even have been worth the loss.

There was, even if only for a few minutes, the genuine hope that something amazing might happen. The manner of the goal would certainly be appropriate. It was one of those fluid moves that exemplify a team seizing an opportunity, much like Saudi Arabia earlier in the day. Mathew Leckie swerved into a cross and Goodwin smashed it over Hugo Lloris and into the roof of the net.

As the ball involved a deflection, Australia were also lucky, just as France seemed to be even less lucky. They suffered another injury as poor Lucas Hernandez collapsed trying to intercept Leckie.

Goodwin’s first goal stunned France

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The fact that he did not move while the goal scored illustrated the seriousness. He inevitably had to leave.

This is probably France’s biggest concern for the game.

One of Deschamps’ best qualities, however, is the way he rallies his teams to overcome setbacks.

There was not the panic that we saw in Argentina.

In fact, Australia were resorting to rushing and desperate clearances from the 14th minute. This indicated that the night was going to be long, although France were quite quick to assure that there was no doubt about the result.

After Mbappe and Ousmane Dembele repeatedly ran through the flanks, the Australian defense finally began to fall apart. Theo Hernandez spotted one of the growing gaps and clipped in a cross for Adrien Rabiot to drive home.

Crisis averted. Incoming normal service.

Moments later, Nathaniel Atkinson had his pockets picked up, Mbappe turned for Rabiot and Giroud scored his historic goal.

The curiosity of the game from there is that Australia still had moments of danger – a long-range strike from Mitchell Duke, a header from Jackson Irvine on the post – but France never really felt safe. danger.

Instead, they were getting so comfortable that they were starting to express themselves and try things out.

One of the main features of the game was that Mbappe kept trying on those heels. Giroud at one point went for a bicycle kick when he could have headed it. The ball went just wide, before being cleared from the line by a strike from Antoine Griezmann.

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While that may have fostered the feeling that France were getting complacent and could get caught like Switzerland did at Euro 2020, the truth here was that there was too much of a gap between the sides.

They knew they could just increase it. And so Dembele did precisely that, lifting the ball for Mbappe to go home.

He now had his goal, and Giroud soon had the record.

It was another head, to put him on par with Henry.

He finally left under the congratulations of his teammates.

Others will follow, notably from Giroud’s team.

France played within themselves and yet showed their potential.

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By Peter Kavinsky

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