Galatasaray match words from Adana Demirspor President Murat Sancak: I hope we will win

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Super Leaguein the past 7 weeks Adana Demirspor 5 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. blue Lightning, is at the top with 16 points and average. with the same stats Galatasaray He is second on average. Adana Demirspor on October 1, cimbomwill host. There is a great bonding in the city. President Sancak told Fotomaç on the subject: There are stars in Galatasaray. We also have stars. We will go out on the field to win and hopefully we will win. We are ready for the match and we want to leave the field happy with the support of our fans. It will be a good match because we are both strong and FenerbahceWe are the team to score the most goals after .

Minister Sancak, former G. Saraylılar in the team Belhanda, tenteen, Emre Akbaba He said the following about the speculations about: Children will come out and play like men. They will struggle with their dignity and honor. Let no one doubt. The reason for these rumors is what happened in the match played with Fenerbahce. There was action-reaction. Humans are emotional. When there was a reaction from the stands, the players also reacted. But they were warned. Next Fenerbahce match such a thing would not happen. Of course, Fenerbahce fans should also forget about this issue.

“Fenerbahce and Hatayspor Referee discussions took place. This doesn’t mean it won’t happen. It will happen in the next games. The important thing here is that there is no ulterior motive. All we want is justice. Referees should not protect the rights of big teams. Let them make fair decisions. We do not want any discrimination. We demand justice for all. Let them steal what they see”

“The number of referees needs to be one and a half times that of the teams. So there should be 27 referees, we have 23 referees. We have a shortage. There is also the injury of the referees. When injured, the federation and MHK struggling.”

President Sancak said the following about his reactions to referee mistakes: We are human, not robots. As human beings, we are emotional. We can show our reactions. Sometimes we really hurt. Of course, after 5-10 minutes, our anger goes away, we go and say goodbye to the referees.

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