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Aiming to win the Super League this season, Galatasaray’s eyes turned to the transfer period. Upon the request of coach Okan Buruk, the yellow-red management will push the button for the national player Cengiz Ünder, who plays in Marseille. Here are the details of the news … | Galatasaray news

Galatasaray News Release Date: 21.11.2022- 06:40

Super Leagueexiting in GalatasarayInterim transfer works gained momentum in . According to the news of Fotomaç, in the yellow-red team aiming for the championship and wanting to close the missing areas in January, Cengiz Under placed first on the agenda. coach Igor Tudor star player who did not reconcile with his star, French team MarseilleHe is having a hard time finding a chance to play in . The experienced name leaves the team at halftime and wants to play in a team where he can play regularly at 11. For this reason, while Cengiz Ünder’s manager continues to search, the yellow-red team rolled up its sleeves to add the national player to its squad.


Galatasaray Technical Director Okan BurukIt was learned that the first name in the transfer target of Cengiz Ünder was Cengiz Ünder. Genghis Scotland and Czech Republic It was stated that Buruk, who followed closely in the beginning, liked the performance of the actor. It was reported that the successful coach, who presented a transfer report to the management for the half-time break, also put Cengiz Ünder in the first place. Standing out with the giant names he brought to Galatasaray this season Erden Timurthereupon the President of Marseille Pablo LongoriaAmong the news that he requested an appointment from … Cengiz is planned to be rented with an option to buy.


25-year-old Cengiz Ünder played in 20 games in Marseille this season and only contributed 1 assist in these games. Ligue 1The player, who took part in 14 games for 551 minutes, could only stay on the field for 90 minutes.


Cengiz, who draws attention with his effective performance in Scotland and Czechia games, 44 times A National Team wore his uniform. Cengiz ventilated the opponent’s nets 15 times in these struggles.

Marseille, star player RomeLast year, he transferred from 8.4 million Euros for a testimonial fee. The current testimonial value of Cengiz Ünder, who has a contract until 2025, is 17 million Euros.

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