GALATASARAY NEWS – Okan Buruk words from Mertens! knows everything

Galatasaraybeginning of the season NaplesThe 35-year-old star he transferred from the club made a statement to the club’s magazine.


Turkeydescribing his feelings on the first day he came to Dries MertensWhen we first arrived, we were greeted in a wonderful atmosphere. Turkey and IstanbulWe loved it. As soon as we arrived, we immediately started looking for a house. First we found the neighborhood, then we started to live in a magnificent area. We are very happy here. It’s been a good start for us. Galatasaray, Istanbul and Turkish We love the warmth of people. From the very first day we arrived, we realized that I had made the right choice.”


Speaking about his child, Mertens said, “I am very happy that our child has come into our lives. When I came home before, there was only my wife, of course I am very happy to see my wife, but now we have a baby. This has changed me a lot as a person. Ciro is in Naples. “It was actually a nickname given to the Neapolitans, and my nickname was Ciro. After living there for 9 years, we wanted to make a souvenir from there, so we named our son Ciro.” used the phrases. Mertens’ wife Katrin Kerkhofs“Maybe we can name him Mehmet after living here for 2 years.” said.


Katrin Kerkhofs”Dries He is an excellent father, as you can see when you arrive, he is very interested in his son, he even gives a bottle. Other than that, she is constantly trying to spend time with him, looking at him. Maybe much better as a father than as a wife. Dries is a very successful person who does both.


Talking about Turkish food, Dries Mertens said, “As I mentioned before, we are very happy to be in Turkey first. Our process of coming here, settling down and getting used to the team has developed very well.” said. Kerkhofs said, “In our daily life, we like to go out and discover new restaurants, but we go to smaller places, such as menemen, chicken, eggs and kebabs. Also, we live in Nişantaşı, so we love to sit in cafes here.” used the phrases.


Speaking about Turkey, Mertens’ wife, Katrin Kerkhofs, said, “As Turks are always proud of their country, they immediately recommend a beautiful place to me. Apart from that, I do a lot of research on the internet. After all, this is a world city and there is a lot of advice on the internet. ” said.


Talking about her favorite places in Turkey, we visited Katrin Kerkhofs, Dolmabahçe Palace, Sultanahmet and Karaköy. Beautiful places.” She used the phrases.


Speaking about his marriage, Dries Mertens said, “I was 11 years old and a friend of mine was having a party at her house. Katrin was her neighbor. We met there first. Of course, nothing happened because we were young at the time, but when I was 16, I opened up to her by saying, “I want to spend time with you.” Let me love you was the song we used to listen to when we went to the disco when we were 18-19. How did the marriage proposal go Katrin?

Katrin Kerkhofs said, “The biggest surprise is of course our son. Besides, Dries surprises very quickly. For example, my birthday is in September and when we woke up one morning, he told me to pack my suitcase. We went to Bodrum that day. Our family and friends were also there. This was the last and most beautiful surprise he did for her. There is a different song for our child and a different song for us. The song for our child, “How wonderful life is” by Elton John. Our song is the song “Let me love you” played at our wedding ” she said.


Speaking about Galatasaray fans, Katrin Kerkhofs said: “I come to home games with my son. But there is a lot of noise and that’s why we put headphones on Ciro. It was nice when I was in Naples, but I have never seen such a beautiful one before.”


Talking about his teammates in Galatasaray, Mertens said: “I am very happy with the team and my teammates. However, after the bad results last year, the team was renewed and 13 new players came. We all want to achieve good things together and become champions at the end of the season as a team. Kerem makes me laugh a lot. He likes to talk a lot and speaks loudly. This is very nice.”


Okan Buruk Speaking about the Belgian star, the Belgian star said, “I think Okan Hodja is very positive towards me. He wanted me to come too much. In fact, he represents the old one. He used to be an actor, now he is a coach, and I think he will do well again. Because he knows everything. It can express what we need.” said. Continuing his words about Maurizio Sarri, Mertens said: “I want to thank him very much because he put me on the offensive line when I normally play on the left wing and I started to score a lot of goals thanks to him. He made a significant change in my career. So thank you very much.” used the phrases.


Mertens, who spoke about the number 10 jersey, said, “I know that Metin Oktay wore the number 10 before. That’s why getting the number 10 is a big responsibility. I know how important this is for the history of the club. That’s how I want to be remembered.”

Giving a message to Galatasaray fans, Mertens said, “I am very proud to be here. Especially when my friends come and watch it from abroad, they see how respectable the Turkish Super League is. The message I want to give to our fans is that I came here to win something and I will win it. Galatasaray.” “Before I came to Galatasaray, I was told that Galatasaray is a very big club and I saw that when I came. It is also a great feeling to play in our stadium.” said.

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By Peter Kavinsky

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