GALATASARAY NEWS – PSG’s Icardi move! Added to that list

Returning to his old days with his performance in Galatasaray, Mauro Icardi continues to fill the eyes. The star player joined the yellow-reds on loan from PSG. However, the French club made a flash decision for the striker. Here are the details of the news … | Galatasaray news

Galatasaray News Release Date: 25.11.2022- 06:40

Mauro, who made a name for himself with his performance Icardi, Franceon the agenda… Finally, his name, PSG‘s trade list. Fotomaç’s Italian journalist Pasquale CardilloAccording to the news he compiled from PSG itself to take Lautaro interPreparing to offer in exchange to . PSG plans to put around 60m euros on the table over the summer to sign Martinez. Additionally, he plans to add Icardi to the trade.

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By Peter Kavinsky

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