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A lot has been done due to the downsizing of Twitter’s workforce, which has reportedly dwindled to 2,300 compared to the 7,500 the company hired when new owner Elon Musk took control.

Although we have argued that the latest wave of exits was part of Musk’s plan. general plan In order to downsize a company, many worry about unsystematic ways to downsize. An insider reported on Friday, for example, that Twitter’s payroll department was destroyed last week, when employees who had been given a harsh ultimatum by Musk decided to leave.

However, Musk has a lot of backers who want to help him improve Twitter, and he apparently just brought in one of them on a short-term basis: George Hotz, a security hacker known for iOS jailbreaks and reverse engineering of the PlayStation 3. before and after. founded, whose driver-assistance launch aims to bring Tesla Autopilot features to other vehicles.

Hotz definitely falls into the category of people who won’t participate in a bingo board on Twitter. Hotz founded after he got into a fight with Musk after Musk allegedly tried to hire him at Tesla but “kept changing terms,” ​​Hotz told Bloomberg in 2015. which with autopilot was “highly unlikely”. Hotz immediately set out to prove Musk and the rest of Tesla wrong.

So why unite now? Firstly, Hotz now has a little more free time. As TechCrunch reported Earlier this month, Hotz believes that some of his own work at is now complete. It currently sells a $1999 Driver Assistance System Developer Kit that is compatible with over 200 vehicles; the company is also on solid ground as it looks to turn its devkit into a finished consumer product, he told TechCrunch.

The momentum gives him some space to explore. “I’m well versed in wartime,” Hotz told TechCrunch for this story. “I’m not that good at hands-on work, okay, let’s scale it up patiently. “Do you want to deal with a supply chain capable of producing 100,000 devices a year?” Like, not really.”

Hotz told TechCrunch that he has already taken a deep dive into his next project, which he calls Tiny Corporation. But with everything going on on Twitter, he apparently couldn’t resist the opportunity to once again prove his mettle to Musk. Last week, after tweeting support for Musk’s proposal to Twitter employees (Musk said they could work “long hours at high intensity” or take three months’ severance pay), Hotz also tweeted that he was “going to A 12-week Twitter internship about the cost of living in San Francisco.” Musk tweeted back soon after, “Sure, let’s talk.”

And that’s how his “internship” began in New Jersey, he said on the platform today – and it sounds like a big role. As Hotz describes on Twitter, he’s in charge of sourcing social media equipment.

He half-jokingly sets achievable goals for himself given this time, joking today that “[I]If I just got rid of the popup, I still consider my internship a win. I have a chrome extension on my laptop to block it. [R]reminds me of a guy who took a job at Apple, made Wallet automatically delete expired boarding passes, and quit the next week.”

While Hotz is a relatively brilliant newcomer, the idea now is generally to recruit talent, Musk suggested at a general meeting at Twitter headquarters in San Francisco today, Insider reports. Musk reportedly said during the meeting that no more layoffs are “planned.” According to The VergeMusk also said that Twitter is currently actively recruiting in development and sales, and that employees are encouraged to provide recommendations. (As The Verge points out, getting confirmation from Twitter is much more difficult, given that its entire public relations department has been disbanded.)

For his part, Hotz also appears to be recruiting on behalf of his new, albeit short-term, employer, including contacting recent rivals. Today, in particular, Hotz asked Andrey Karpathy, a former director of artificial intelligence at Tesla who led the Tesla Autopilot computer vision team, if he wanted to work at Tesla after weighing up the answer to Hotz’s question.

Hotz question? “How do you rate the quality of search on Twitter? What might make you use Twitter search instead of Google?” Karpathy’s response: “I google twitter from the site: Works well enough.”

By Peter Kavinsky

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