German defender to Fenerbahce: Timo Hübers!

Making a big hit with the goals he scored, F. Garden experienced the biggest problem this season in defense. stopper The number of candidates for reinforcements to be made in the region is also increasing. It is known that the yellow-dark blue people, who started to prepare a wide list in this direction, turned to young and open-minded names. According to the news of Fotomaç; The last thing that comes to the agenda is F.Bahçe, which adds the candidates who are approaching the end of the contract to the list. Bundesliga team Cologneyour Timo Hubers it happened. Technical director of the monitoring committee jesusIt was stated that he reported the 26-year-old stopper, who received his approval by submitting it to .


It was decided to follow the 1.90-meter defender until halftime. It was also stated that market research has started for Timo Hübers, which is not in the first place on the list. Although his main position is the defender zone right back German football player who can also work as a front libero He can also play in position. Earlier Hanover 96 Timo Hübers, who also played for the team, was selected for the national under-18 teams of his country. Experienced football player has a good command of air balls due to his tall stature.

Hübers played in 186 official matches in his club career, producing 15 goals and 4 assists. Despite his position, the player, who received only 1 red card, played in 12 matches in Cologne this season. The market value of the player is around 7.5 million euros.

The rising performance of the player was also reflected in the market value. As of June, the value of the 1.90-meter football player, whose value was around 1.5 million euros in December last year, started to be valued at 7.5 million euros.


One of the important features of Timo Hübers is that he does not experience injuries very often. The 26-year-old football player was away from the field for a week because he had only a minor muscle problem this season. If the player’s most serious previous injury is 2020– It was in the 2021 season. The player, who suffered a muscle injury, could not play for 2.5 months and could not play in 8 games.


While Cologne made a debut in the Bundesliga for 2 seasons, Timo Hübers managed to become one of the cornerstones of this structure. He is an unexpectedly fast player for his tall stature. He becomes a sought-after name in the team of Jorge Jesus, who likes to put the defense at the front. His biggest weakness is that he makes a timing mistake and fouls a lot. This is why he saw 7 yellow snow in 20 games this season. Hubers, FenerbahceIt will benefit from its different features in the narrow defense rotation of .

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By Peter Kavinsky

Peter Kavinsky is the Executive Editor at