Germany continues to restore Ukraine’s infrastructure – DW – 21.11.2022

Germany will continue to deliver aid to Ukraine against the backdrop of Russian attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure. This is stated by the German Minister of Development Cooperation Svenja Schulze in an interview with the channel ARD TV on Sunday 20 November.

“Yes, Germany will provide massive aid to Ukraine to get through this war,” she assured. “We supply generators. We help repair power lines, water lines, gas lines.”

In case of continuation Russian massive shelling energy infrastructure of Ukraine in the country may not be enough to restore the national energy system of the number of components. The Ukrainian government warned its Western allies about this and asked them for spare parts to repair electricity and gas systems, the US publication Politico reported on Nov. 16.

Politico: Kiev discusses support for the energy sector with the US and the EU

According to the publication, the warnings issued from Kiev over the past week indicate a degree of fear below senior officials of Ukraine about the coming winter and the possible consequences of long-term damage to infrastructure.

The unreliability of the energy sector could have the most serious consequences, Ukrainian officials say. For example, it could lead to a halt in food production and transportation operations – two critical sectors needed to support military operations.

“This is one of the most important issues we are now discussing with the Americans and Europeans,” said a Ukrainian government adviser, adding that some residents have already left the country for fear that the energy crisis will only get worse.

Russian missile strikes damaged Ukrgasdobycha facilities

In the evening of November 19 and in the morning of November 20, explosions sounded again in the area of ​​the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP), damaging some buildings, systems and equipment on the ZNPP site, the International Atomic Energy Agency reported. Agency (IAEA).

The state-owned Naftogaz Ukrainy on November 17 reported damage caused by a massive rocket attack on gas production infrastructure in the east of the country. According to her, several objects belonging to the limited company have been destroyed and damaged. “Ukrgasdobycha”.

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