Germany continues to supply arms to Ukraine – DW – 23.11.2022

“It was this government – contrary to decades of state practice – that decided to support Ukraine with that weaponsshe needs in her daily courageous defense,” German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on November 23 during a speech in the Bundestag as part of the debate on the draft budget for 2023.

G20 summit and Russia’s war against Ukraine

“And shoulder to shoulder with our closest allies,” the Social Democratic chancellor added, “we will do this until these senseless, cruel, criminal war“.

At the G20 summit in Indonesia
The G20 summit sent a clear signal to MoscowPhoto: Kominfo KTT G20 – 2022

The head of the German government once again called on Russia to stop this war and drew attention to the recent G20 summit in Indonesia: “It is very important that the G20 summit in Bali has a corresponding and very clear signal. And one more thing was said by all members of the G20 group: any threat of the use of nuclear weapons is completely unacceptable to all of us, their use is unacceptable.”

China also condemns Putin’s nuclear threats

Olaf Scholz emphasized the fact that China confirmed this attitude to Putin’s threats to use nuclear weapons in the war against Ukraine, and for the first time the People’s Republic of China publicly announced this during the German chancellor’s visit to Beijing three days ago.

Olaf Scholz and Xi Jinping at a meeting in Beijing
Olaf Scholz and Xi Jinping at a meeting in BeijingPhoto: Kay Nietfeld/dpa/photo alliance

“For this reason alone, an open exchange with President Xi made sense, even for this reason this visit, which you, Mr. Merz, argued against so frivolously on the eve, made sense,” Scholz said. He referred to the leader of the parliamentary opposition, CDU chairman Friedrich Merz, who criticized the chancellor’s policy towards China.

General debate in the Bundestag

On Wednesday morning, 23 November, the budget of the Federal Chancellery was on the agenda of the Bundestag. And while such expenditure does not even amount to one percent of the German state budget, it is this item that has traditionally been used as a trigger for general debate. For 210 minutes, representatives of the ruling and opposition parties debated the direction of the government.

This time, the main topic of discussion was government measures to support the population in the circumstances of energy crisis and sharply increased prices in Germany for gas and electricity.

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