Germany is helping Ukraine repair energy infrastructure and prepare for winter

Germany is helping Ukraine deal with the consequences of Russia’s “bomb terror”, as German Chancellor Olaf Scholz called it.

The moves were reported to journalists in Berlin on Friday by representatives of government departments, a Ukrinform correspondent reports.

“A number of concrete measures are already being taken to repair and strengthen Ukrainian infrastructure. Help is on hand for very urgent repair and restoration work,” said federal government spokeswoman Christine Hoffmann.

She explained that Germany needs power generators, heaters, blankets, water filters, accommodation containers, vehicles, etc.

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Various ministries presented their reports. For example, the Ministry of Economic Cooperation as a whole supported Ukraine this year with about 600 million euros. Among other things, some 2,500 municipal generators were delivered by 156 trucks, which can now be used, for example, to heat communal areas. Nearly 1,000 “pharmacy bags”, hygiene and care products, baby food, pillows, mattresses, blankets, folding beds, etc. were also donated. The draft budget for 2023 foresees the allocation of almost one billion euros to this department, a significant part of which will also go to overcoming the consequences of the Russian aggressor war in Ukraine. In particular, EUR 12 million will go to power supply to Lviv and other cities in Ukraine; EUR 10 million – targeted support for a hospital in Lviv and the establishment of a prosthetics workshop. Further support measures are being prepared.

The technical assistance service THW, subordinate to the Ministry of the Interior, has delivered relief supplies to Ukraine, in particular 431 electrical generators purchased by THW, among others, with the funds of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (most of them have already delivered to Ukraine).

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in turn provides humanitarian aid in the form of winter aid worth 100 million euros. By the end of the year, about 300,000 people will be supplied with blankets, mattresses and winter clothes, 75,000 households with heating and another 50,000 households with fuel. Housing for 40,000 people must be protected from the winter and the apartments of 18,000 households must be insulated, the German Foreign Ministry promises. It also provided initial funding for the so-called Ukraine Energy Support Fund.

As reported, Germany, as part of its G7 presidency, has initiated a discussion in this circle about the current situation on the sidelines of the NATO foreign ministers’ summit in Bucharest next week. It is about coordinating energy infrastructure in support of Ukraine and strengthening Ukraine’s ability to defend its infrastructure against Russian attacks.

By Peter Kavinsky

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