Germany must be ready for a possible attack – DW – 11/21/2022

Germany, thus German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (Christine Lambrecht), has to prepare for a possible attack. “We must be ready to defend Germany and the territory of the alliance,” she said in an interview with the Rheinische Post and General-Anzeiger, published on Monday, November 21.

“Defense has always been an important theme Bundeswehr. Everyone should realize this again,” Lambrecht said in response to a request from journalists to comment on Bundeswehr Inspector General Eberhard Zorn’s words that Germany should be ready in case it becomes embroiled in a war it becomes imposed.

Germany does not have to defend itself

Lambrecht said the Bundeswehr could provide Germany’s defense if necessary. At the same time, she expressed her confidence that NATO partners would help Germany: “The Bundeswehr will never have to defend Germany alone, our allies will always be on our side, and in the alliance the armed forces are certainly capable of defending Germany. ” she explained.

Christine Lambrecht stressed that Germany “can and must get better in all areas”, especially in air defense, where she says there are shortcomings in Europe. The minister expressed his satisfaction that the Bundeswehr will receive 100 billion euros in money, which will be used to purchase equipment and implement various projects. At the same time, she noted that only this one 100 billion euros does not solve all problems.

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