Germany premiere of ‘I Want My Good News’

Produced by TMC and produced by Erol Avcı, ‘I Want My Good News’ is on a tour after Turkey. Germanyand the actors met their fans in Berlin.

Ecem Erkek and Ahmet Kural

Ecem Erkek and Ahmet Kural

Ahmet Kural and Ecem Erkek, who appeared before the press in Germany, expressed that they were very excited and happy to be in Berlin after a long time. Faced with the intense interest of their fans, the duo watched the movie with the audience. The actors, who accepted the congratulations after the screening, were applauded for minutes in the hall and expressed their feelings.

Ahmet Kural said, “First of all, we thank our producer, dear Erol Avcı. I thank Ecem for myself, it was a dream for me to play with her. I hope you like it too.”

Ecem Erkek said, “It was a pleasure to watch the movie with you, thank you very much. Your excitement, laughter and laughter were very good. We took them all in our hearts and we will return to Turkey like that.”

“I Want My Good News”, starring Ahmet Kural, Ecem Erkek, Mehmet Özgür and İlker Aksum, is directed by Ömer Faruk Yardim, and Olcay Onur Kaya and Ömer Faruk Yardimir signed the script.

‘I Want My Good News’ is in cinemas all over Turkey.

By Peter Kavinsky

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