Germany wants to simplify granting citizenship to foreigners – DW – 25.11.2022

German Interior Minister Nancy Feather (Nancy Faeser) plans to significantly reduce the requirements for foreigners who want to receive German citizenship. About this on Thursday 24 November This was reported by the newspaper Bild with reference to the protocol of the conference with the participation of the federal and state ministries of the interior.

In particular, as can be seen from this document, the intention is to automatically grant German citizenship to children born here if at least one of their parents has legally resided in Germany for at least five years.

In addition, the authorities are going to shorten the minimum period for acquiring citizenship by naturalization from eight to five years. In special cases, Bild writes, naturalization will be possible even after three years. At the same time, according to Bild, the intention is to abolish the current requirement to renounce citizenship of another country.

Nancy Feather also plans to abolish the requirement of sufficient language skills for the over-67s. Instead, “the ability to communicate verbally” will suffice in the future. For this group of foreigners, too, the still obligatory test of knowledge of the history and political structure of Germany will no longer apply. Meanwhile, as noted by Bild, the department vote initiated by Feather has not yet been finalized.

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