Germany will cap gas prices for households from January, not in March Business


From January, even industrial consumers will pay the dream prices, but the maximum price will be the same as for households and based on the average year of consumption. This is how Vlda wants to encourage consumers to contest.

Just a week ago, political representatives were talking about the possibility that house prices could be paid by the Norwegian and not by the common citizen. However, the current proposal from Federal Economics Minister Robert Habeck puts it for January due to the flow of subsidized gas and heat prices.

Oban and similar SMEs will receive 80 percent of their natural gas and heat consumption from their suppliers at 12 cents (2.90 K) and 9.50 cents (2.30 K) per kilowatt-hour, Der Spiegel quotes from the document.

According to the proposal, industrial customers receive 70 percent of natural gas consumption or 80 percent of heat consumption for seven cents (1.70 K) or 7.5 cents (1.80 K) per kilowatt hour.

The chairman of the Association of German Industry (BDI), Siegfried Russwurm, who was one of the only expert committees to succumb to the proposed price brakes for gas and district heating, explained to the newspaper in January that there is a reason for the price difference for households and industry. According to him, in the price for households there are also different fees while for industry there are no fees as they are not charged in different industrial operations.

The limit for gas prices and heat debt is the levy’s second and equally long-running phase, which will be valid until spring 2024. The first step of the levy is in December, when households and businesses pay the December guarantees for gas and heat debt to compensate them for high energy prices.

Germany will finance the compensation from a stabilized fund, which will have 200 billion euros (4.9 trillion K) available. The control room and the price of electricity come from the fund.


By Peter Kavinsky

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