Get ready to connect with speed networking at TC Sessions: Robotics

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In less than two weeks, on July 21 to be precise, the global robotics and AI community will converge online for TC Sessions: Robotics. Engage with the leading visionaries, scientists, founders, makers and investors. It’s a full day exploring the latest trends, challenges and successes in an industry that continues to profoundly change the way we live, work and play.

Unbeatable ROI: This is a free online event. Register here to reserve your seat at the table.

One of the big advantages of online events is that you can network with anyone, anywhere in the world. Through the magic of our event app, we’re going to help make those business connections even easier with speed networking sessions.

Here’s how it works. We’ll announce when the app opens before the show even begins (more on that later). Simply add the scheduled networking break to your app (check the event agenda for the correct time based on your location). 

When the time comes, you’ll be randomly matched with other attendees for three-minute conversations — based on mutual interest in specific, predetermined topics. Lather, rinse, repeat and grow your network. 

Give speed networking a try — it’s a quick, fun way to prospect for opportunity, build community and share ideas.

Of course, you can also use the event app to schedule longer 1:1 meetings. Follow-up on a speed networking connection, pitch an investor, demo your tech to prospective customers or conduct interviews to find your next employee. 

Opening the event app early lets you get your networking ducks lined up before the show even begins. Based on the info you provide during registration, the app can search for suitable candidates, make suggestions and send out invitations at your behest. You can schedule meetings and line up RSVPs in advance, or you can send invitations to folks you meet on the day of the show.

There’s more than one way to meet the people who share your business goals at TC Sessions: Robotics. Take advantage of long-tail networking and enjoy the thrill of quick, extemporaneous conversations during the speed networking sessions. You never know where a random connection might lead.

TC Sessions: Robotics is a free online event, happening July 21. You can catch all of the sessions and join the robotics community online for speed networking, chats and one-on-one meetings. Simply register here for free.

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Source: TechCrunch

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Published by
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